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After seven years, fourteen editions and hundreds of thousands of copies printed and distributed from coast to coast, we are no longer publishing Fair Trade Magazine. With the shift to digital, it has become increasingly difficult to make a hard copy publication work. Here you can find the changelog of TOP FAIR – trade fair magazine since it was posted on our website on The latest version is and it was updated on 14/07/ · Fair Trade is a way of trading where the benefits are shared between producers, customers and the environment. Gender inequality, unfair pay, modern slavery, child labour and the ravaging effects of climate change are all issues that can adversely impact growers in developing countries. As a consumer, buying fairly traded products means you are helping [ ]. Fair Trade. an Indian tea trde initiative goes beyond fair trade (# Dec p56) ; to buy or not to buy fair trade KitKat (brief) (# Jan/Feb p27b) women in Vanuatu profiting from fair trade (# Nov p27a) ; 21st-century consumer types (# Nov p12) ; battle for fair trade’s soul (# Nov p7) ; clean clothes campaigns won’t end exploitation (# Nov p14).

However, companies committed to fair trade can help ensure these workers can work in a healthy environment and earn a sustainable living. The Fair Trade Federation is a business association that verifies, supports and promotes fair trade organizations. Politicians in the U. Rachel Spence, Engagement Manager at the Fair Trade Federation, told the Borgen Project that fair trade meant a safe and healthy work environment free of forced labor.

It also means the elimination of discrimination based on factors like race, caste, national origin, religion, disability, sexual orientation, union membership, political affiliation, age, and marital or health status. Furthermore, fair trade in developing countries would mean a workplace free from physical, sexual, psychological, or verbal harassment or abuse.

Any business applying to become a member of the Fair Trade Federation must meet these standards. The application process involves a deep investigation of the fair trade practices of the business. Unfortunately, efficiency and lower prices too often takes precedent over the well-being of workers and the environment when it comes to trade. Large consolidations of power in supply chains have made massive global economic inequality common.

For example, a recent Oxfam report showed that just eight men control more wealth than the poorest 3. Spence says that creating opportunities for economically and socially marginalized workers is at the core of the work of the Fair Trade Federation companies.

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fair trade magazine

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As part of his plan for Coral Gables, George E. Merrick envisioned an iconic church to serve as a meeting place in the heart of the city. That church — the Coral Gables Congregational Church — was completed in , and went on to engage the community through service, worship, education, music and the arts. It is no wonder, then, that its former thrift shop turned into the Fair Trade Marketplace 13 years ago, aiming to help support indigenous artisans worldwide.

They created a boutique specializing in merchandise produced primarily by women in developing countries. I had been to the shop before, but never realized that these beautiful items came from artisans in over 43 countries, or that the profits go directly to the procurement of more merchandise. In our local independent fair trade shop, you can find items from India, Vietnam, Nepal, Philippines, Guatemala and other third world countries.

They even carry a line of sterling silver from Indonesia, along with clothing and jewelry — even a bicycle-shaped pizza cutter from vendor Ten Thousand Villagers. There are also baskets made with raffia from Palestine, pot warmers from Nepal, and handmade masks and soap stone hearts from Kenya. In jewelry, they have a new line from Haiti.

Eaton, who serves as the current volunteer director of the Fair Trade Marketplace, says that most of their selection is purchased in the fair trade sections of national merchandise shows. There is no consensus as to when the fair trade movement began.

fair trade magazine

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The most powerful change in this world is driven by the people, for the people; the sparks often fueled by necessity. The Seeds of Change issue shares perspectives from across the Americas that hold a common thread: land and seed sovereignty are critical to preserving cultural identity and economic independence. Featuring the voices of farmers, activists, and community organizers, their stories describe community-led efforts that are building just, local food systems, protecting sacred lands, and celebrating traditional practices.

The ways goods are traded impacts all of our lives, from the products that are available on grocery store shelves, to the environmental and social impacts on the communities that produce them. In this issue, we are getting back to our roots with a focus on fair trade, and new educational tools that provide readers with more ways to get involved. This issue also highlights inspiring stories that demonstrate the power of farmer and worker-led movements that are confronting climate change and corporatization head-on.

Food is at the center of our daily lives and what we grow, who grows it, and how it is grown has a tremendous impact on the world around us. In this issue, we focus on food and those who are transforming our corporate-controlled food system into one that nourishes the health of farmers, workers, eaters, and the planet. Women make up nearly half of the people who grow and process food around the globe. Yet too often, their voices and their unique struggles go unheard.

In this issue, we focus on the ways women are coming together and organizing to transform their lives, their communities, and the farming and food systems that impact us all. We hear from Dolores Huerta, civil rights icon and co-founder of the United Farm Workers of America as well as inspiring perspectives from La Via Campesina, the Coalition for Immokalee Workers, and others.

This issue focuses on the road to food sovereignty and the powerful stories of transformation taking place in communities around the globe.

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By now it’s a mantra: Arab men are threatening daughters of Israel; or more accurately, Arab men are threatening sons of Israel by taking daughters of Israel from them. I heard it on the news from Jews in Acre, Safed, Jaffa, Jerusalem and Carmiel. In Jerusalem there are already organized gangs of young Jews who viciously beat young Arab men who are with Jewish girls. The central slogan in the recent anti-Arab demonstration in Bat Yam was „Safeguard the Jewish womb.

I have to say that I am very disappointed in the sons of Israel. Since when do you feel so threatened by Arabs who lack tools of warfare, and what exactly has happened to your self-confidence? Do the daughters of Israel know dark secrets about you that leave them no choice but to run for consolation into the arms of the noble Arab?

Be men and fight back – after all, you ate people like that without salt for years, so why are you chickening out now? What’s with all this whining in demonstrations, this new legislation, these prohibitions and rabbis‘ letters? When did you become whiners?

fair trade magazine

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Böckmann Fahrzeugwerke exhibited a comprehensive portfolio of horse trailers and trucks at the Equitana and took the opportunity to record this event in a special way. Using modern technology, the stand was digitised completely and can now be revisited as a virtual 3D version. Digital visitors can move freely around the stand and view the vehicles both inside and out. They can explore the different features and gain a realistic impression of the vehicles.

As almost the entire product portfolio was exhibited at this popular industry trade fair, a virtual tour is a good opportunity to get to know and compare the different vehicle types in a realistic way. If you are interested in buying a trailer, experiencing its features again can help you make your final decision. A particularly positive aspect is that the virtual Böckmann trade fair stand tour is a permanent feature that can be used at any time.

Navigation through the stand is playful and intuitive, and visitors can have fun going where their fancy takes them. A special highlight for all visitors will certainly be the gallery stand with a horse truck. In this virtual world you can gain a good impression of the available space in the horse stall area. Users can also walk through the exclusive living area of the vehicle and discover its special features.

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What we know today as Fair Trade stems from the s when groups from North America and Europe established value chains for marginalized communities to help them sell their handicrafts in wealthy markets. Simply selling these goods at craft fairs or in catalogs began to plateau, and in , the first labeling system for Fair Trade was developed.

By placing a label on certified products, goods could be sold outside workshops and craft fairs and at stores where consumers shopped most. The label took away the inconvenience factor of seeking out Fair Trade goods, and also added transparency to a product where there typically was none. As a tool for development and poverty alleviation, Fair Trade creates opportunities where there were typically were none, increases transparency in local and global markets, ensures a livable wage for the producer,supports gender equity, and works to end child labor and discrimination.

Fair Trade also ensures that prices stay stable in an increasingly volatile market, and can help influence overall prices, premiums, and standards. But sometimes, Fair Trade misses the mark. Fair Trade is still a great thing, though, it just could be better. Some organizations take the fair trade label and go a step further. THRIVE gives their farmers direct access to the marketplace to sell their coffee and by giving a farmer the ability to participate higher up in the chain, the farmer then takes home more value from the crop to their families.

As the COO, Ken seeks to find, advocate, and project the voice of the farmer and to tell the world that a new day has come in the world of coffee. THRIVE started as a collaboration between Ken, who had moved to Costa Rica to retire and run a coffee farm, and Alejandro, whose family farm was at a substantial risk of failure.

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Procurando por Trade Fairs? Confira as ofertas que a Magalu separou para você. Facilidade no pagamento e entrega rápida. Vem ser feliz! 13/07/ · The ‘Trade Fairs International’ magazine also has a very important role to play. For more than 20 years now, it has been delivering full and well-informed news about international trade shows and exhibitions. May the next 20 years and beyond be just as successful!

Taza Chocolate pioneered the concept of direct trade for chocolate. Photo by Paul Dunn. TABLE OF CONTENTS. When I was little, my grandfather fed me chocolate, mostly to keep me quiet—Hershey Bars, Three Musketeers, Kit Kats, Rolos, hot fudge sundaes. By adulthood, my love for chocolate had grown into such a fascination that I enrolled in a Ph. Click here to subscribe to YES! In the hills above Kona, I found the Original Hawaiian Chocolate Factory and marveled at the trees—short and crowned with oblong leaves, football-sized pods bursting from their trunks.

I ran up and greeted one as if it were an old friend, laying my hand on the rough bark, tracing the grooves with my fingertips. Chocolate Factory owner Bob Cooper casually plucked a wine-red pod and hacked it open with a machete. Inside, lay rows of thick, pearly beans. Having longed to see the genesis of my favorite food, this was practically a reverential moment for me. Unfinished beans command a fraction of the value of processed chocolate.

According to the Fairtrade Foundation, cocoa growers in West Africa earn, on average, about 6 percent of the final cost of a chocolate bar.

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