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30/07/ · S&P ® Dividend Aristocrats® measure the performance of S&P companies that have increased dividends every year for the last 25 consecutive years. The Index treats each constituent as a distinct investment opportunity without regard to its size by equally weighting each company. 66 rows · The S&P Dividend Aristocrats index tracks companies in the S&P that have Estimated Reading Time: 5 mins. 02/08/ · The Dividend Aristocrats Index is also significantly underweight the Information Technology sector, with a 3% allocation compared with over 20% allocation within the S&P The Dividend Aristocrat Index is filled with stable ‘old economy’ blue chip consumer products businesses and manufacturers; the 3M’s (MMM), Coca-Cola’s (KO), and Johnson & Johnson’s (JNJ) of the investing . 03/08/ · Dividend Aristocrats The Dividend Aristocrats Index is a list of 50 stocks that have consecutively increased their dividend payments for at least 25 years. To be included in the Dividend Achievers Index, a stock must be a member of the S&P and meet certain size and liquidity requirements. Learn how to invest in Dividend Aristocrats.

I am a long term buy and hold investor who focuses on dividend growth stocks. The index is equally weighted, and rebalanced every quarter. Years of Annual Dividend Increases. Dividend Yield. AbbVie Inc. Health Care. Archer-Daniels-Midland Co. Consumer Staples. Automatic Data Processing. Information Technology. AFLAC Inc.

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The Dividend Aristocrats List is reviewed annually in January. To qualify as a Dividend Aristocrat, a company must meet all of the following four criteria: 1. Increased its total dividend per share annually for a minimum of 25 consecutive years 3. Dividend Aristocrats List Description: The following table lists the current Dividend Aristocrats. This table also shows some valuable metrics for dividend investors to assess both the dividend level and dividend sustainability of these consistent dividend payers.

The table includes and can be sorted on: company name, dividend yield, payout ratio a measure of dividend sustainability , market cap, beta a measure of stock volatility , as well as the current trading day stock price percent change. Keep in mind that the Dividend Aristocrats list can change mid-year due to corporate actions e. This live table is updated throughout the trading day. Get our free Dogs of the Dow Newsletter.

The 65 stocks that make up the Dividend Aristocrats are 3M, A. Rowe Price, Target, VF, W. Grainger, Walgreens, Walmart, and West Pharmaceutical. The Dividend Aristocrats Index in a compilation of companies that have increased dividends for 25 consecutive years. Skip to main content Skip to primary sidebar Skip to footer.

dividend aristocrats index

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Their impressive track records of growth make Dividend Aristocrats some of the most attractive dividend stocks to own. As of June 29, , there are 65 Dividend Aristocrats. Here’s the full list, sorted by how many consecutive years each has increased its dividend:. All data as of June 29, There’s also a Dividend Kings list.

To be a Dividend King, a company has to have boosted its dividend every year for an incredible 50 years in a row. Of the current Dividend Aristocrats, ExxonMobil seems at risk of falling off the list. However, the company’s stock has remained part of the Dividend Aristocrats list. At this point, it’s unlikely that the company will have to cut its dividend, and a payout increase could be coming.

Removing it from the Dividend Aristocrats list would leave the energy sector severely underrepresented.

dividend aristocrats index

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But an increase in volatile themes today suggests this maxim has gone ignored by at least some market participants. From a high level, we can view investments on a spectrum. Volatile assets like cryptocurrencies and SPACs are more on the exciting side of things. The boring side is likely where Dividend Aristocrat stocks lie. The data above, from Sure Dividend , looks at all 65 Dividend Aristocrats, ranking them by their yield, sector, and years of growth.

The U. These companies have been growing their dividend per share consecutively, for a minimum of 25 years. This is easier said than done, since companies often distribute dividends quarterly. To pay and grow a dividend in the long run implies a business model that can withstand varying economic environments, including setbacks like market crashes. Vast global recognition and branding power is in part why these companies can generate cash flows to pay dividends for decades on end.

The 65 Dividend Aristocrat stocks break down into 11 sectors. Across sectors, Industrials is the most crowded, consisting of 14 companies , with an average yield of 1.

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What are dividend index funds? Let’s take each word in reverse order. First, they’re funds — either mutual funds or exchange-traded funds ETFs. Second, they attempt to track an index that consists of multiple stocks. Third, their focus is on stocks that pay dividends. Just as dividend stocks aren’t ideally suited for every type of investor, dividend index funds won’t appeal to everyone.

However, if you’re primarily interested in obtaining steady income rather than high growth from your investments, these funds could be just what you’re looking for. And, there’s no stock-picking required. Here are eight dividend index funds listed in alphabetical order that have relatively low expense ratios but varying dividend yields and risk levels. Schwab U.

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But dividend yields themselves don’t mean much if they aren’t sustainable. But the requirements go even further, with the following attributes also mandatory for membership on the dividend aristocrats list:. The rebalancing of the index happens every January, April, July and October. New entrants are added and old ones removed once a year. It’s important to keep in mind the goal of the index when looking it over: It’s constructed to be a well-diversified, lower-volatility group of stocks boasting both dividend income and capital appreciation potential.

On the issue of diversification, the index has a minimum floor on membership at 40 different companies — a level in no danger of being breached anytime soon given the current group consists of 65 stocks. To that end, while investors could certainly try to adopt their own “ smart beta “ strategies to eliminate the less alluring members of the group, it’s a much lower-effort endeavor to simply buy the entire group as a whole, which is possible due to the existence of a dividend aristocrats exchange-traded fund that tracks the portfolio.

The list is current through May Smith AOS. Abbott Laboratories ABT. AbbVie ABBV. Aflac AFL.

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The ‘Dividend Aristocrats’ Have Nearly Matched the S&P Returns Dec. 10, at a.m. ET by Barron’s Dozens of Dividend Aristocrat stock have been big winners in ProShares S&P ® Dividend Aristocrats ETF seeks investment results, before fees and expenses, that track the performance of the S&P ® Dividend Aristocrats ® Index.. The only ETF focusing exclusively on the S&P Dividend Aristocrats—high-quality companies that have not just paid dividends but grown them for at least 25 consecutive years, with most doing so for 40 years or more.

The index is rebalanced each January, April, July and October, with an annual reconstitution during the January rebalance. Additional companies are added in order of decreasing yield until requirements are met. Special dividend payments are not taken into consideration. There is no guarantee that dividends will be paid. Companies may reduce or eliminate dividends at any time, and those that do will be dropped from the index at reconstitution each January.

NOBL strategy has a demonstrated history of weathering market turbulence over time by capturing most of the gains of rising markets and fewer of the losses in falling markets. Download our brochure to see what makes dividend growth appealing to investors. Top 10 Index Companies Weight Nucor Corp. Rowe Price Group Inc. SEC Day Yield is a standard yield calculation developed by the Securities and Exchange Commission SEC that facilitates fairer comparisons of funds.

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