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Every coin from the Call of the Wild series is considered an IRA approved gold product that can be added into your gold IRA. These coins include the Growling Cougar, Howling Wolf, Roaring Grizzly, Bugling Elk, Canadian Golden Eagle and the Canadian Moose. 30/07/ · The inaugural release in the Call of the Wild series is the 1 oz Howling Wolf Gold Coin, produced in The wolf is one of Canada’s most iconic wilderness creatures, hunting in packs of The coin depicts a howling wolf, filling the fields with rippling sound waves. The Canadian gray wolf is as majestic as it is wahre-wahrheit.deted Reading Time: 4 mins. Call of the Wild Gold Coins The Call of the Wild Gold Coin Collection from the Royal Canadian Mint was launched in with the Howling Wolf. These exclusive gold coins are inspired by the iconic wildlife that inhabits the Canadian wilderness and subsequent issues include the Growling Cougar, the Roaring Grizzly and the Bugling Elk. The Call of the Wild – Canadian Gold Coin Series. The Call of the Wild gold coin series was first launched in by the Royal Canadian Mint. This was the first special edition fine gold coin series offered by Canada. These gorgeous coins are inspired by Canada’s incredible wildlife.

JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Protected as an endangered species, these fierce and beautiful birds can be found in the mountains and prairies, easily spotted by their wingspan that can reach up to 7. Safely packaged in a credit-card sized assay card that is signed on the back by the Chief Assayer of the mint, your investment can be handled without any damage being caused.

Product Features:. Bullion Exchanges offers you a wide selection of exclusive items from renowned international refineries. Add this commemorative new release to your collection today, and it will be carefully wrapped, packaged, and delivered to your address. If you have any questions, please call us at When the item is available Notify Me. If you would like to be notified when we get more of this in stock, please enter the quantity you are interested in below, and we will notify you when they become available.

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The Call of the Wild Gold Coin Collection from the Royal Canadian Mint was launched in with the Howling Wolf. These exclusive gold coins are inspired by the iconic wildlife that inhabits the Canadian wilderness and subsequent issues include the Growling Cougar, the Roaring Grizzly and the Bugling Elk. The 1 ounce gold coins have a millesimal fineness of Buy Call of the Wild Series gold coins VAT Free with coininvest.

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call of the wild series gold coins

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The growling cougar is the second of three coins and boasts one full ounce of Gold coin collections provide investors with an excellent opportunity to make a sound investment, and the Royal Canadian Mint’s call of the wild series is arguably one of the most lucrative gold coin series available on the bullion market. The Growling Cougar is the second coin of the series and features a. The Royal Canadian Mint take careful measures to protect investors from receiving counterfeit products and the Growling Cougar has security features that have been micro-engraved using the latest laser technology that is practically impossible to copy without being detected by experienced experts.

The call of the wild series is an excellent investment opportunity and with only a limited number of coins in circulation are a rare collector’s item. These coins are therefore highly sought after by coin enthusiasts willing to pay top dollar. The reverse of the Growling Cougar coin features one of Canada’s most powerful predators , depicted from the right side in highly detailed profile of the head. The design was realised by Canadian artist, Pierre Leduc with additions by the Royal Canadian Mint’s engravers, emphasising the whiskers on the Cougar’s muzzle and deepening the fur of the coat to bring out the intensity of the cougar’s ferociousness and beauty.

The country of origin is engraved across the top edge of the reverse side whilst confirmation of the 1oz. The obverse features the familiar profile of Queen Elizabeth II depicted by Susanna Blunt in The year of mintage and the face value is etched along the bottom. The coin also has serrated edges to enhance security. The Growling Cougar was released on the 29 th January the following year with the third and final coin arriving in The Royal Canadian Mint take the security of their products very seriously and are an industry leader when it comes to protecting their investment.

call of the wild series gold coins

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A variety of bullion coins and bars are available to purchase through select dealers. The retail price of bullion products is based on the international gold, silver and platinum market prices, which vary daily. A premium is added to these prices to cover manufacturing and distribution costs. Since its introduction in , the iconic Royal Canadian Mint Silver Maple Leaf SML has been a highly sought-after bullion investment coin.

The SML is minted with one troy ounce Our one-ounce The Royal Canadian Mint’s Gold Maple Leaf GML coins are among the world’s most popular pure gold coins, having sold more than 25 million troy ounces since their introduction in Since its introduction in , the iconic Silver Maple Leaf SML has been a highly sought-after Royal Canadian Mint bullion investment coin.

Introduced in , the Royal Canadian Mint’s Platinum Maple Leaf coins are among the purest platinum coins on the market, making them highly desirable and tradable. Rendered in exquisite detail by Royal Canadian Mint engravers, this coin celebrates the bobcat. The classic maple leaf design gets a unique look thanks to incuse striking!

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A fourth coin in Call of the Wild series Depicts a bugling male elk Struck in 1 oz of The bugle of wapiti, a male elk, seems to be an unforgettable call of the wild that leaves little doubt about the strength and authority of this Canadian animal. This species is highly vocal at all times, especially during the fall rutting season when its loud cry reverberates across the landscape.

The reverse of the piece includes the design by Canadian artist Pierre Leduc. It depicts the right side-profile of a majestic elk Cervus canadensis. Thanks to precise engraving, a viewer can observe the unique beauty and strength of this majestic Canadian animal through the finest details showing the texture of the fur. Its formidable antlers are prominently displayed as this mature bull lifts the head towards the sky to release its roar.

The sound is represented by the rounded sound waves which can be seen in the background. The beauty of the design was empathized by special techniques of polishing. Hand polishing gives perfection and allows for mirror-like effects. The obverse of the coin shows the effigy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II together with the date of issue and the legal tender value of the coin — dollars.

call of the wild series gold coins

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The reverse of the second coin in the three-coin „Call of the Wild“ annual series features a design by Canadian Artist Pierre Leduc of the profile of a growling cougar with waves in the background representing its growl. The central feature of the image is the intricately detailed profile of the head of a cougar, its muzzle with highly detailed whiskers, ears and thick fur with its mouth open in full growl.

Cougars are typically solitary and silent animals, and usually communicate through visual and olfactory signals. The cougar is an ambush predator, and usually only growls when battling with another male over territory. The obverse features the Susanna Blunt effigy of Queen Elizabeth II and the words „Elizabeth II Dollars Canada“. The coin is unique, not only for its design but also its release.

It features the same security mint mark as the gold and silver 1oz Maples, and comes encapsulated in a credit-card style certicard with the chief assayer’s signature, the weight and date of issuance. The purity of this coin is The mintage totals for this product will be released after the end of when sales cease, so sales will be available all year. This coin is part of an annual series, look for more to come.

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Call Of the Wild Series from The Royal Canadian Mint continues for with the Moose. This is the sixth release in this highly desirable bullion series that is struck in DEALERS — Call the trading room for availability at The Moose design was created by artist Pierre Leduc. Male moose weigh an average of 1, pounds. The huge antler rack is shed and regrown each year and can reach up to five feet across.

Each coin includes the same security features that the Royal Canadian Mint has developed for its respected bullion. Its name is derived from its glossy feathers that shine as it swoops and soars in the skies over open country. For , the RCM featured the Elk, in it was the Roaring Grizzly, the Growling Cougar graced the coin and the Howling Wolf was seen on the inaugural mintage. Use of this web site constitutes acceptance of the Dillon Gage User Agreement.

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Call of the Wild Series.

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The Call of the Wild Series gold coins from the Royal Canadian Mint focus on animals with unique roars, growls, or wild calls. The background field on the reverse includes radiating lines that are meant to mimic the sound waves of the animal’s call. The Royal Canadian Mint is known for producing some of the highest quality precious metal bullion in the world, and these Call of the Wild Canadian gold coins are no exception. This Canadian gold coin series began in , with the release of the Howling Wolf Call design, and each year since has brought another stunning Canadian gold bullion coin featuring a majestic native animal.

Receive a free notification via e-mail or SMS text as soon as the desired price for your current selection is reached! Put multiple products on your shopping list. We then determine where you can buy the product selection low priced taking shipping costs into account. The Call of the Wild is a series of three gold, bullion coins featuring different wildlife of Canada. The first coin, struck in , is a howling grey wolf.

Second in the series is the growling cougar released in , and the third in the series will be released in All three coins were designed by the Canadian artist, Pierre Leduc. These coins have the highest face value for legal tender in the country. State-of-the-art technology was used to micro-engrave security features to prevent counterfeiting.

Reverse Motif: The coin features a howling grey wolf with a small maple leaf underneath.

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