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10/05/ · Hayes was eventually out of job and decided to create something for himself. In his quest to do so, he found a passion for cryptocurrency, specifically Bitcoin. He started small, with arbitrage. BitMEX CEO Arthur Hayes Makes New Bitcoin Prediction. BitMEX CEO and co-Founder, Arthur Hayes, just announced his latest Bitcoin prediction. Billed as “A look into my trader brain during this time of intense market volatility,” his latest trader digest gives his view on current global markets, and of course, wahre-wahrheit.deted Reading Time: 2 mins. 19/02/ · Arthur Hayes is Back: Bitcoin is the Other Game as Opposed to Traditional Finance Systems Author: George Georgiev Last Updated Feb 19, @ After months of inactivity on social media, the former CEO of BitMEX, Arthur Hayes, shared a post detailing his views on the most recent events in the financial markets. After months of complete. 08/10/ · Arthur Hayes, chief executive officer of bitcoin derivatives exchange Bitmex, is stepping down from his position a week after U.S. prosecutors filed criminal charges against him. Hayes is .

If you’re seeing this message, that means JavaScript has been disabled on your browser. In the summer of , Arthur Hayes lost his job at Citibank. Instead of getting another gig in banking, he started trading Bitcoin full-time. That was an even gutsier call in than it would be today. Still, those closest to Hayes were supportive of his decision. I pitched them the idea to start a Bitcoin derivatives-only trading platform, and we started building Bitmex in January of Bitmex is a Seychelles-based crypto-coin trading platform.

In essence, Bitmex is peer-to-peer Bitcoin derivatives trading for expert traders, matching buyers and sellers of derivatives contracts — like futures and swaps — and then acting as a neutral judge of winners and losers based on the terms of the trade. Its biggest unique selling point is that it offers traders the chance to trade with up to x leverage — meaning they can make big bets with very small amounts of collateral.

Hayes is often on CNBC.

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Arthur Hayes was born to middle-class parents who worked for U. He spent his formative years in both Detroit and Buffalo. He attended the prestigious Nichols School in America and continued to the Wharton School of business. After graduating, he went to Hong Kong, where he worked at Deutsche Bank and Citibank as a market maker for exchange-traded funds. Hayes was eventually out of job and decided to create something for himself.

In his quest to do so, he found a passion for cryptocurrency, specifically Bitcoin. He started small, with arbitrage. He would buy Bitcoin in one market and sell at a premium price at another, according to Vanity Fair. Bitcoin trading was flourishing for him until in October when he noticed that he had challenges accessing the coins he had sent to Mt. Gox, a Tokyo-based Bitcoin exchange that helped patrons convert their holdings into real cash.

But Hayes was not affected. He withdrew his money and decided to take it elsewhere.

arthur hayes bitcoin

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In the very elaborate post, he tells a story of how the CEO of Three Arrows, Su Zhu, asked him about the probability of Ethereum flippening Bitcoin. A snippet of his view of Ethereum in this regard can be found below. Ether is valuable because the Ethereum network is the most used smart contract protocol. It has the most developers, the most Dapps, and the largest Total Value Locked TVL. Ether is the commodity that is spent to pay for gas so that you may use the Ethereum decentralised computer.

With respect to how Ethereum can flippen Bitcoin, Arthur Hayes points to the yet to be implemented EIP that aims at solving the high gas costs on the network as well as introduce a fee burn. According to Mr. Compounding these transactions through DeFi will most likely be the most probable route of Ethereum flippening Bitcoin.

A prime driver of the Flippening bull case is that the exponential rise of DeFi-necessitated on-chain transactions, which causes more fees to be spent then burned, lowering supply and pamping the price. News Source. Bitcoin Ethereum Ripple NFTs Predictions Menu. Facebook Twitter Telegram.

arthur hayes bitcoin

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According to the former head of the BitMex exchange Arthur Hayes, ether ETH may become the largest digital currency in the future. The odds are slim, but they keep growing, Hayes wrote on the BitMex blog. The gigantic potential of the ether was previously pointed out by the CEO of Three Arrows, Su Zhu. However, when he said that ETH could potentially bypass Bitcoin in terms of capitalization, many in the cryptosphere laughed at him.

Arthur Hayes also stated that the likelihood of Ether becoming the leading cryptocurrency is zero. But now the ex-head of BitMex suddenly changed his position and even increased the chances of the altcoin. Ether is valuable because its network is most often used to launch smart contracts. The use of ether is constantly increasing, as this asset is needed to pay commissions within the ETH ecosystem.

A huge contribution to the development of the network and altcoin, in particular, is made by the decentralized finance market. Arthur Hayes believes DeFi is the future of the global economy. This market cannot function without ether, so the demand for such a cryptocurrency will continue to grow. Stay in touch! Subscribe to Cryptocurrency.

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ARTHUR HAYES created a cryptocurrency exchange that has traded trillions. A rthur Hayes lives large. Like Bobby Axelrod in Billions large. Just replace New York with Hong Kong and infuse it with a dose of Silicon Valley—where unicorns spring from the minds of irrepressible company founders—and, well, you get the picture. Screen-star handsome and fabulously wealthy, the African American banker turned maverick personifies the contemporary fintech pioneer.

Prosecutors allege that Hayes and his business partners violated the Bank Secrecy Act by failing to implement and maintain an adequate anti-money-laundering program—to weed out bad actors and dirty money. Adding to the chorus of voices are some high-powered legal experts who consider the case United States of America v. Arthur Hayes to be largely unprecedented.

Hayes, 35, went silent in October. But the crypto condor has not always been so elusive. Born to middle-class parents who worked for General Motors and were beholden to the ever-changing fortunes of the auto giant, he split his formative years between Detroit and Buffalo, where his mother, Barbara, moved mountains to get her gifted son into Nichols School, a leafy private institution founded in

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BitMEX is far from the first cryptocurrency company to be suspected of facilitating criminal activity. But it is the largest and most established exchange to face criminal charges. Federal prosecutors in Manhattan indicted the chief executive of BitMEX, Arthur Hayes, and three co-owners: Benjamin Delo, Samuel Reed and Gregory Dwyer. Reed was arrested in Massachusetts on Thursday, while the other three men remained at large, authorities said.

Prosecutors said BitMEX had taken few steps to limit customers even after being informed that the exchange was being used by hackers to launder stolen money, and by people in countries under sanctions, like Iran. BitMEX and Mr. Hayes have been known for pushing the limits in the unregulated cryptocurrency industry. After it was founded in , BitMEX grew popular by allowing traders to buy and sell contracts tied to the value of Bitcoin — known as derivatives, or futures — with few of the restrictions and rules that were in place in other exchanges.

That allowed investors to take out enormous loans and make risky trades. The relaxed attitude also made it possible for people all over the world to easily move money in and out of BitMEX without the basic identity checks that can prevent money laundering.

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The yield farming crypto phenomenon is really starting to catch on. People are discovering the joys of passive income, and the BEES. Social team have created a great video guide to introduce new users to this exciting sector of the crypto market. The yield farmer approach to crypto is becoming more popular as the bear market continues. This strategy has been very profitable for many investors over the last year.

Social breaks down the basics of yield farming and how it can be applied to crypto. This can be done by lending your funds to projects that need liquidity in order to keep their project alive. We will go over the main DEXs and talk about the best strategies for yield farming crypto. In this video we will explore Yield Farming Crypto and DeFi Decentralized Finance. This is an example of the new ways in which people are making a passive income.

Yield farming is where you buy and stake crypto assets that pay out a fixed income over a period of time based on the smart contract specifications. Simple yield farming protocols and exchanges should enables traders, liquidity service providers, holders and also stakers to farm with each other without complications. It is a sophisticated platform that supplies trading as well as yield farming to drive long-lasting utility of the DeFi ecological community.

These decentralized exchanges count on specific customers to down payment funds right into liquidity pools.

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26/11/ · Arthur Hayes: The Bull Market is Real Arthur Hayes, the CEO of the most popular Bitcoin crypto margin trading exchange, BitMEX, has said that “the bull market is real.” According to him, the reason for this is that the price has managed to quickly recover from the steep plunge a few days ago in a relatively short period of time. 19/02/ · Arthur Hayes is Back: Bitcoin is the Other Game as Opposed to Traditional Finance Systems. February 19, Donna Burk. After months of complete silence from one of the biggest proponents of cryptocurrencies and arguably one of the most influential people in the industry, Arthur Hayes .

The CEO believes that the crash in stock markets would be the reason for the BTC price to correct. BitMEX CEO Arthur Hayes made a quite bearish short-term prediction for the leading cryptocurrency, bitcoin. BitMEX CEO Arthur Hayes predicts that the US stock market will pull back, after a superficially strong rebound that began in late March. As the SPX rolls over and tests 2,, expect all asset classes to puke again.

BitMEX CEO Arthur Hayes has warned about the short-term future of bitcoin, but he still believes that bitcoin will end this year with an all-time-high. The coronavirus pandemic has not slowed down as countries continue to report more and more and positive cases and deaths each day. The exponential growth in the deaths and new COVID 19 cases in the United States has made it the new epicenter for the virus.

Scientists have said that it might take 12 to 18 months to make a vaccine for this virus. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Install this Coinnounce on your iPhone and then Add to Home Screen. Advertising Submit Press Release. Sign in. Log into your account.

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