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Online coin dealers. Ancient Coins, US Coins and World Coins | VCoins. Ancient Celts and Spain are available too and don’t forget to buy supplies to properly store your Ancient coins and artifacts. Victors Imperial Coins. Diocletian PROVIDENT DEOR QVIES AVGG from Rome. US$ Incitatus Coins. CONSTANTINE I THE GREAT AE3 campgate. Trier mint. US$ Incitatus Coins. On VCoins, the largest online coin marketplace, you will find a wide selection of ancient coins from all periods of history. Coins of more modern vintage can be found in the US and World sections of our site. Subscribe to our newletter to receive all the latest VCoins news and offers. Buy Ancient Coins Online with Coincraft. Unfortunately, we have limited availability for some of these artefacts, but contrary to many companies ‘selling coins’ online, we actually own the stock presented in the product pages. So you won’t receive the usual ‘sourced to order’ message from us.

There seems to be a problem serving the request at this time. Although there is no standard description, ancient coins are typically classified by geographic origin and culture rather than chronology. This is because the civilizations these coins come from span a range of years and do not have one common end date. For example, ancient Roman coins include those made until the fall of Rome around A.

Most ancient coins collected today come from Ancient Greece, the Roman Empire, the Byzantine Empire, and the three distinct Persian Empires. Ancient Greek coins are some of the oldest, dating from B. Roman coins were minted from B. The Byzantine Empire spanned from to A. The broad ancient Persian Empire has the widest range, from approximately B. Ancient coins are the most plentiful of all collectable antiquities.

Their value is typically determined by historical accuracy and condition rather than how old or rare they are. It is not uncommon to see two similar coins with very different valuations.

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Lydians are widely credit as the first civilization to mint coins around the 7 th century BCE. The Kingdom of Lydia existed from about BCE to BCE and at its height, it covered all of western Anatolia. These Ancient Coins were made of electrum, an alloy of silver and gold. Since then, many other peoples and cultures have used coins as a form of payment.

The first coins to appear in Greece were found under the Temple of Artemis at Ephesus, produced by either the Lydians or Greek mercenaries. After Lydia was conquered by the Persians in BCE, coins were introduced to the Persian Empire. Coins were then brought to India by the Achaemenid Empire and the successor kingdoms of Alexander the Great.

By comparison, the Romans started minting coins rather late around the year BCE. Making them the last western ancient civilization to do so. To Ancient Coin collectors, we currently offer Ancient Greek , Ancient Roman , Ancient Middle Eastern , Ancient Asian and Byzantine coins. Navigate to the sub-category pages below to see the coins we have available in stock. What also makes us different from other online coin dealers is that we do not sell anything as an investment.

We value your online security, and that is why we comply with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards , allowing you to pay safely using Paypal, Visa, and Mastercard.

ancient coins online

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Comprehensive detailed catalogue – The Silver Coinage of the Western Satraps in India AD , Catalogue and Price Guide A. This page book is the most comprehensive study of the rich silver coinage of the Western Satraps ever written. The Western Satraps also known as Indo-Sakas or Indo-Scythians of Gujarat and the surrounding areas in Western India issued a plethora of beautiful rich coinage which until now has not been well understood outside of a small circle of specialists.

This is the perfect guide for the new or experienced collector. The coins of the Western Satraps also known as the „Western Kshatrapas“ were issued for over three centuries from the 1st century AD to the early 5th century AD and covered thirty eight rulers from two distinct dynasties Kshaharatas and Kardamakas. Order the book here. Fishman This is the brand new publication.

This page book is the most comprehensive study of the poorly known and understood base-metal billon, lead, copper, bronze and potin coinage of the Western Satraps ever written. The Western Satraps also known as Indo-Sakas or Indo-Scythians of Gujarat and the surrounding areas in Western India issued a plethora of beautiful rich coinage and sparse and poorly-studied base-metal coinage.

Selected numismatic publications by A. Fishman to see the full list of publications available for sale, please click here. Todd „The Silver Damma.

ancient coins online

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Ancient Greek, Roman, Byzantine and Persian coins for collectors. Authenticity and Satisfaction Guaranteed. Shopping Cart Premier Coins Ancient Coins Biblical Coins Grading Greek Coins Literature Roman Coins Antiquities Byzantine Coins Celebrities Persian Coins New Listings Specials Go directly to listings via the link to the Coin Index at the bottom of most pages.

A n overview of the development of coins, tips on how to begin as a collecto r, descriptions of how ancient coin s were made and how they have been preserved , and grading standards are presented on the Introduction page, where you’ll also find much other useful and important information. Two Thousand Years of Ancient Coins. Coins originated in Asia Minor about bc , when s ymbols guaranteeing weight and purity were first impressed on to small pieces of electrum, a naturally occurring alloy of gold and silver.

These first coins made commerce so much easier that Greek and Phoenician cities all around the Mediterranean soon began to issue their own coinage. The first Greek coins bore t he badges of the rulers and city-states that issued them. During two thousand turbulent years these devices evolved, as badges were followed by a succession of imposing and artistic portraits.

Greek gods and goddesses sacred to issuing cities were first portrayed. After the conquests of Alexander the Great, religious images were replaced by those of Hellenistic kings. As Rome absorbed the Hellenistic kingdoms, portraits of Roman emperors appeared on imperial Roman coins. The Byzantine Empire continued for a thousand years after the fall of the West, during which imperial portraits were replaced by iconic depictions of Christ and the saints.

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NumisWiki For the New Collector. Ancient Coin Collecting Uncleaned Ancient Coins Roman Coin Attribution Ancient Greek Coin Collecting Magnification Die Alignment Ancient Coin Prices Ancient Glass. Anonymous Follis. Anonymous Class A Folles.

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Nero Postumus Vespasian Antoninus Pius, – AD, Silver Denarius, Felicitas. Nero AD , As – temple of Janus, struck c. Titus, denarius struck Jan. Faustina II. Augusta, AD AR Denarius 2. Rome mint. Struck AD. RIC III

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Current Auctions. Login My Account My Watch List My Want List. Upcoming Printed Auction Catalogs Selected Highlights. Teutoburger Auction – Lot Elsen Auction – Lot The Canadian Numismatic Company August RCNA Auction – Lot Dix Noonan Webb Auction B41 – Lot Taisei Mail Bid Sale 79 – Lot Ginza Coins Mail Bid Sale – Lot Stack’s Bowers August ANA Auction – Lot

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Ancient Coins, Catholic Monarchs of Spain, World Coins and Paper Money. 20th. Auction Ancient, Spanish, and World Coins. 20th. Buy or Bid Sale Ancient and World Coins. ONLINE COLLECTIONS AND DATABASES. RPC Online: at the Ashmolean Museum, covering RPC III and VII and the planned IV. Celtic coins by John Hooker. The Museum of Roman Countermarks. Ancient Imitations of Roman Republican Denarii. The Alexandru Marian Collection of Domitian Coins. Heather Howard’s online Collection at

This glossary explains the meaning of some of the ancient, technical, or hobbyist words used elsewhere on this site, and on other sites too. It includes a few words that relate to ancient history but not directly to coins. I’ll add to it as more words come to mind. Words that show up as links are defined somewhere else in the list. If you would like a word added, please email me.

For more detail, I recommend a search on Forum’s Numiswiki. An ornamental curved extension of the stem post on the prow of a galley, sometimes with the addition of a carved animal’s head in front. Galleys were often used on ancient coins to symbolise sea power or the successful completion of a journey. See also aplustre.

There are several examples on my galley page.

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