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Our Signature Coins team has been handcrafting challenge coins since the year , and we knows all of the ins and outs of the challenge coin minting process. We’ll help you create a custom design, completely free of charge, and have your coins manufactured and delivered in 14 days or fewer. What kind of challenge coins would you have made? We are one of the largest custom challenge coin manufacturers in the world. Owned and operated by a United States Marine! We’re factory direct! We control the quality, production time, and pricing of your custom coins. Drop the middle men and their excuses. Creating and design your own challenge coins online is easy. We are committed to bringing your ideas into reality. Our expert artists will work with you collaboratively. We offer our customers free revisions and you can redo the artwork of your custom challenge coins as many times as you want without paying any additional charge. We’ve made MILLIONS of Custom Challenge Coins for clients worldwide, let us make yours too! Any Size • Any Shape • Any Style • Any Budget! COINFORCE® is Owned & Operated by .

Your browser may not work correctly on this website. Please use our basic quote form or upgrade to a modern browser for the best experience. Start Now. Contact Us Contact. CUSTOM MILITARY CHALLENGE COINS START YOUR FREE QUOTE NOW. AIR FORCE COINS. MARINES COINS. POLICE COINS. COAST GUARD COINS. CORPORATE COINS.

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Home Challenge Coins Military Coins Air Force Army Coast Guard Emt Firefighter Marine Corps Navy Police Custom Coins Agency Business Card Church Medical Memorial Wedding All Samples Pricing Contact FAQ Pay Online What Makes Us Different Store Quote. Many businesses, organizations, and clubs are finding creative ways to use custom coins. While we can produce small and round coins without color virtually any size and shape are possible, as well as unlimited colors options and a wide selection of finishes and edges for you to create your own personalized coin.

Our thicker coins allow for deeper 3D relief which allows for some of the nicest designs when incorporating imagery into your custom coin. WEDDING After months of planning yourl wedding day comes and goes within a few hours. Preserve the memory of your wedding with a coin featuring your love. BUSINESS CARD With so many business cards handed to potential clients every day how do you stand out?

Custom business card coins are how. They make for a great conversation. CHURCH Religion is timeless, so hand out a timeless church coin to help spread your message and faith. Let us help you design a coin around your inspiration. AGENCY Just like the military, custom coins in agencies such as the CIA, FBI, Border Patrol and DEA have helped preserve traditions and the honor of service.

MEDICAL The caring hands of medical professional such as nurses, doctors and medical staff deserve to be honored with custom challenge coins.

get challenge coins made

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Our company prides itself on making the finest quality challenge coins on the market today. Our design staff is perhaps the finest and talented in the country which equals a coin you will be proud to display. Made of solid brass, our coins have significant weight and are brilliant in color and detail.

Our mission is to produce the finest coin possible so you can proudly recognize your organization and your commitment to it. Soldiers back to World War I and the Civil War left for battle with a coin from home in their pocket and kept it after the conflict as a lasting remembrance of their wartime experiences.

There is no better way to recognize your organization then by designing your very own challenge coin. Challenge Coins Are Perfect For. Government – Business – Sports – Clubs. Our High Quality Challenge Coins Stand The Test of Time. How It Works. Ordering Your Custom Challenge Coins is Easy.

get challenge coins made

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A challenge coin is a small piece of metal, often shaped like a coin but which can be any shape, which is used to represent an organization or individual. At first, it was early combat pilots, then the idea caught on to the rest of the military. Initially, the first challenge coins had a hallowed tradition as critical means for the identification of downed pilots.

Now, fire departments, police officers, government, nonprofits, and private businesses all make their own coins to be used for any number of purposes. Facebook Twitter reddit. At first challenge coins would have been an inch or so in diameter, but now the traditional challenge coin is a 1. The coin face is filled in with various imagery, words, and symbols representing an organization or person.

For example, an Army Colonel might have the Eagle insignia which represents their rank, along with their name, unit emblem, and perhaps an inspirational statement or quote. A challenge coin is unique, is limited in production, and tells a story: a story not only about the organization but also about the person who received it and the person who made it. They are given out as informal awards for a job well done, for participation in a major event—such as military ceremonies and ball or anniversaries—or even to promote a business or organization to customers or outside officials.

Many people even make challenge coin business cards for this purpose, since most people throw away paper cards and instead are using metal coins with a shape of their choosing to represent themselves and give to big or prospectively big customers.

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If you are ready to start a quote and receive FREE ARTWORK within hours click here A Closer Look at the Coin Production Process We get a lot of questions about how we make custom challenge coins, so we decided to give you a behind the scenes look at our challenge coin production process. You can learn more about how to design a challenge coin in our challenge coin design video. Step One: Making a Custom Coin Mold The first thing we need to do is create a challenge coin mold, and the process of making a custom coin mold starts with a computer called a CAD.

A CAD, or Computer-Aided Design, is a computer program that uses the custom artwork of a coin to create a digital blueprint of the design that we can use for manufacturing. The CAD maps out the tolerances and dimensions of the coin, accounting for the materials we will use, and we upload all of this information into another computer called a CAM Computer-Aided Manufacturing software.

The CAM runs a CNC, which is essentially a computer-controlled mill. In the coin production process, milling involves using a cutting tool to progressively remove material from the surface of a steel block, cutting the inverse of a coin design into the metal. This is how we make custom coin molds. One mold is cut for the front of the coins, and one is cut for the back of the coins.

Once the CNC is finished cutting the steel coin molds, we test them by striking soft pieces of metal and examining the impressions they make.

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Notice: Please know that during this crisis we are still operational and our factories are running at maximum capacity. Orders are being shipped as scheduled. Die Struck Challenge Coins begin with creating the die of your approved custom coin design. Then a sheet of 3MM thick material of a copper-bronze mix is stamped using the die, creating an impression of your design in the metal. We then create any special edging that you may have requested on your coins including inscription of text and numbers on the coin edge.

Plating is done next, usually consisting 18K Gold but other metal platings such as silver and black nickel are available. The raised metal surfaces are then highly polished to a luster finish while recessed areas are left with a sandblasted look. Your Die Struck challenge coins can also be finished with an antique finish, as shown in the examples on this and other pages, which gives your coins a unique, aged appearance, and greatly enhances the contrast of your design.

Once the surface is final finished your coins will pass through a final quality control inspection for approval and then individually packaged for shipment to you. Die Struck Coins are simple and classic.

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Our craftsmen have been producing prestigious custom-made challenge coins for over a decade. Your satisfaction matters above all; we go the extra mile to make the whole process of ordering as easy as possible. Our promise to you:. We will get back to you within 24 hours of your quote submission and can have your initial proof ready within 48 hours. If you need help during the process, our U.

We have the most competitive pricing in the industry and offer discounts on bulk orders. If you have loved ones in law enforcement or the armed forces, you may have seen a police challenge coin. What are these medallions, anyway? If you’re wondering what are challenge coins then be sure to read this article to learn everything you need to know about these little coins.

Over the years, Custom Challenge Coins has had the privilege of working on some truly amazing military coin designs. While every coin we create holds deep meaning, there are a few that have really resonated with us or stuck in our memories. America’s Finest Custom Challenge Coins If you need high-quality custom challenge coins our team is here to help you create your vision.

Military Coins Honor our brave servicemen and women with challenge coins made with military precision. Ceramic Challenge Coins On a tight budget?

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Our craftsmen have been producing prestigious custom-made challenge coins for over a decade. Their skill and talent is your reassurance that you won’t find better quality anywhere else. Your satisfaction matters above all; we go the extra mile to make the whole . Our company prides itself on making the finest quality challenge coins on the market today. Our design staff is perhaps the finest and talented in the country which equals a coin you will be proud to display. Made of solid brass, our coins have significant weight and are brilliant in color and detail. Our mission is to produce the finest coin.

A company created to provide HIGH quality Challenge Coins, and LOW prices! Since the start of our company in , we have provided ’s of clients with outstanding Challenge Coins. We are a U. What sets us aside from all other Challenge Coin companies is that we know the importance of not only quality, but also cost! Closed most weekends. Why would you or your group get a Challenge Coin made?

Challenge Coins are a GREAT way to show your pride, to remember an event, to promote your business, or to simply tell someone „Job well done! Do you fall into one of the groups below? Do you have a Challenge Coin made? What are you waiting for!?

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