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Commerzbank AG – Trade Services. Today, Commerzbank is Germany’s leading trade finance bank, the nation’s exporters’ partner of choice and maintains a global network of correspondent banks. We settle 50bn € worth of trade at any time and have a clear commitment to our international, commercial roots. A relationship-driven bank by nature, our focus is on the overall picture;. Commerzbank offers you expertise and experience in Trade finance since COBA DEFF is Germany‘s most acitve SWIFT code for trade. Trade Finance As one of the leading banks in trade finance, we offer tailor-made solutions to enable you to trade overseas with full confidence and maximise efficiency across .

With the Coronavirus outbreak taking its toll on global trade, export-oriented corporates are among the most under pressure. Insights talks to Enno-Burghard Weitzel, Cluster Lead Trade Finance, about how banks can help corporates get back on track and whether the new working environment may provide not just challenges, but also opportunities. There have been various phases from a trading perspective. First, corporates felt a supply shock when production in Wuhan, in the Chinese province of Hubei, began to grind to a halt in January And what started in one region soon impacted production, and exports, countrywide.

As the virus spread globally, we saw new epicentres of corporate inactivity left in its wake — negatively affecting production chains that rely on both China and an enhancement phase of production in other badly affected locations, such as Italy and Spain. Now we are beginning to see production lines starting to open up once again in the worst-affected regions of China, but a return to pre-crisis capacity cannot be expected for the foreseeable future.

The slide in global trade as countries across the globe descended into lockdown has understandably been hugely disruptive for corporates. And though state support has helped to soften the initial shocks, issues around cash-flow forecasting and access to liquidity have understandably arisen. We note that some corporates have swiftly moved away from open-account trading with counterparties.

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New York — 19 September, — Bank of America announces that it is joining the Marco Polo Network, the largest and fastest growing trade finance networks leveraging Corda distributed ledger technology to provide transformative solutions to global trade participants. The Marco Polo Network and Standard Bank Group announced today that Standard Bank has joined the Marco Polo Network, the largest and fastest growing trade finance network focused on bringing unprecedented efficiencies to trade financing.

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TFG Weekly Trade Briefing, 5th July Twitter Facebook Instagram LinkedIn YouTube RSS. KYC [DLT] — The hottest KYC projects in trade finance yes, they use blockchain!

commerzbank trade finance

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View all articles by Ludger Janssen. By Ludger Janssen. The importance of digitalising trade finance should not be under-estimated. The result is clear: higher transaction costs and unnecessary barriers to trade, which places strain on global commerce. Is digitalisation part of the solution? There are indeed many industry initiatives underway, all working to make trade finance faster and more connected. Yet this welcome development also bears the risk of further fragmentation, hindering progress.

This, we believe, requires the establishment and revision of industry rules and standards. Commerzbank recently hosted a workshop for trade participants from the corporate, bank, fintech and insurance world, which concluded that full migration of trade finance transactions from paper to digital processing was vital to reducing the operational and cost burdens experienced by corporates.

But this hinges on establishing industry-recognised standards — especially since a given trade finance transaction could easily involve 20 or more parties such as banks, shippers, insurers, agents and custom authorities — to govern the process of sharing trade data digitally. The benefits for all parties could be enormous. We note that corporates are already demanding the option to view invoices within their enterprise resource planning ERP systems, which their bank can then extract for financing.

We can also anticipate a future in which a digitalised Bill of Lading is transferred and processed without delay between customs authorities, banks and shippers, or in which Certificates of Origin can be easily shared and verified thanks provided they agree with the standards set. Yet establishing a common language is easier said than done.

commerzbank trade finance

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Treasury Today uses cookies to give you the best possible browsing experience. This includes cookies from third parties, which will track your use of the Treasury Today website. If you wish to continue without changing your settings, we will assume you are happy to receive all cookies. While open account has emerged as the method of payment predominantly used in international trade, traditional instruments such as letters of credit and documentary collections still bring trading partners an additional level of security.

For this reason many companies still use them, despite the associated complexity. With this in mind, Commerzbank has developed sophisticated solutions to help corporates overcome the obstacles that they may encounter when using these methods. In international trade, a range of payment methods have been developed, all of which distribute the risks faced by exporters and importers differently. However, this method exposes the exporter to the risk that payment may be late or may not be received at all.

Consequently, some companies still use more complex payment methods, which have been designed to provide both trading partners with a degree of protection from counterparty risk. The letter of credit includes a number of documentary conditions that must be met before the seller can receive payment, such as the presentation of particular documents like commercial invoices, bills of lading and insurance certificates.

Once the conditions of a letter of credit are met, payment is either effected or guaranteed by the bank. Meanwhile, once the documents have been handed over, the buyer can collect the goods.

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Over the past year, Commerzbank has been instrumental in driving initiatives such as the Marco Polo trade finance network, which is helping to generate greater efficiency and transparency within trade finance transactions. For us, these awards therefore represent a vote of confidence from the large corporates, the Mittelstand and the small enterprises that we serve. We will make every effort to build upon these successes in As part of its methodology, Global Finance assessed candidates across 97 countries in search of the best trade finance providers.

Winners were selected based on entries from banks and other providers, as well as input from industry analysts, corporate executives and technology experts. The winning candidates demonstrated industry prowess in transaction volume, scope of coverage, customer service, competitive pricing and innovative technologies. Joseph D. View further Commerzbank awards. Commerzbank’s focus report highlights specific opportunities for action in the different phases of the Belt and Road Initiative.

China’s New Silk Road – Can large scale infrastructure development create growth and trade relations with Europe and Asia? As one of the leading banks in trade finance, we offer tailor-made solutions to enable you to trade overseas with full confidence and maximise efficiency across your supply chains. Commerzbank wins two Global Finance awards for global and country trade finance. Giarraputo, Global Finance.

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Operating in over 50 countries, with around 12, employees and a global network of correspondent banking partners, we have the experience in the documentary business to open up new perspectives and opportunities for your company. As one of the leading banks in trade finance, we offer tailor-made solutions to enable you to trade overseas with full confidence and maximise efficiency across your supply chains.

Help minimise trading risks and enter new markets with the safest form of payment processing in international trade. Ensure greater security when you conduct business with foreign companies using our documentary collection service. Within the framework of an agency agreement, the participating banks deliver the documents for obtaining the goods to the importer only in accordance with the conditions stated in the collection order, but without assuming any obligation of their own.

Manage all your trading documentary activity online easily and securely. See the latest status of guarantees, letters of credit and collection transactions — and accelerate transaction settlement at any time through order issues and notifications. Expand into new markets and sectors with peace of mind. By providing guarantees and standby letters of credit fully customised to your needs, we can help you to hedge your international transactions.

Back to the product overview. Trade Finance Solutions.

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There are several ways to start order entry – we will show you which ways are available. Via the marked link „change to sale“ or „change to purchase“ you can jump to the other entry page. At the bottom of the order book you can access the respective order entry via the buttons „Buy securities“ or „Sell securities“. If you wish to trade securities that are already in your securities account, click on the „K“ button for „Buy securities“ or the „V“ button for „Sell securities“.

In this way, the data of the security concerned is automatically transferred to the order mask. In the Finance Overview, you can use the „Actions“ button in the line in which the relevant securities account is shown to call up the „Purchase“ or „Sale“ order entry. The corresponding securities account from the Finance Overview is also automatically transferred to the order mask. If you have already called up or selected a specific security product view , you can use the „Buy“ or „Sell“ buttons to access the respective order screen.

During this process, the securities data is also transferred. In the header line of the order mask, you use a selection list drop-down list to specify the required securities account and clearing account for the securities order. Please make sure that the preset securities account and clearing account meets your requirements. If the field for selecting the security is not preset, you can use several search options to search for the desired security:.

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Commerzbank has been named the “World’s Best Export Finance Bank“ and “Best Trade Finance Provider in Germany” for by Global Finance. As one of Germany’s largest trade financiers by volume, the accolades recognise Commerzbank’s high-quality client service and longstanding commitment to innovation and excellence within the trade finance space. 3/2/ · Commerzbank has appointed Jörg Motel as global head of product management trade finance, replacing Enno-Burghard Weitzel. Weitzel announced he was leaving his role as cluster lead of trade financeat the bank to join Surecomp, a provider of trade finance systems to banks and corporates, at the end of last year.

The awards celebrate special achievements in trade finance , with a particular focus on sustainability and financial inclusion. The TFP, launched in , aims to promote foreign trade to, from and among the economies in which the EBRD invests. Through the programme, the EBRD provides guarantees to international confirming banks and short-term loans to selected banks and factoring companies for on-lending to local exporters, importers and distributors.

As much as it has exposed weaknesses, it has also demonstrated the crucial role of trade to keep the world economy going. The EBRD responded swiftly and powerfully with a new record in our Trade Facilitation Programme. But our engagement goes beyond crisis response: we need to build a greener, more sustainable and more balanced world and here, again, trade has a vital role to play.

Hamburger Hochbahn AG is the first German transportation company to issue a green bond for carbon-neutral mobility. Further information. Sustainability and sustainable finance topics View the latest insights articles, reports and client testimonials. Find out more. Mobility shift with green bonds Hamburger Hochbahn AG is the first German transportation company to issue a green bond for carbon-neutral mobility Read more.

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