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06/02/ · The way to win is to play smartly with the given Coin Master Viking Quest tricks and tips above. Let me add more to it. Make sure to get your hands on all the gold cards. Firstly you get your first gold card in level Brian Estey. Coin Master Viking Quest Tips and Tricks 1. Play Cool At First Viking Quest is an exciting event that showers a billion coins over a user, along with many other 2. Bring bet back and forth during the event You have to bet carefully during the event period. Betting blindly during 3. Slot Estimated Reading Time: 4 mins. 16/07/ · How to win Viking Quest Coin Master Viking Quest bonus wheel. Viking Quest starts easy. You have to play 5 times and the coins needed for that First method of beating Viking Quest. The first and most used way to play Viking Quest is to play . /03/20 · So, the Viking quest can be understood as a quest full of choices. With the right ways and tactics, you can easily decide the course of your journey and add thrill, fun, and excitement to it. With these valuable tips and tricks, you can enhance your game and increase your chances, manifold of winning the Viking quest in Coin Master.

Coin Master Viking Quest: Benefits and Win Steps Viking Quest Best Tips, Viking Quest Coin Master, Viking Quest Game, Viking Quest Series. In Coin Master Viking when the player downloads the game. He installs it on his phone. Then the player gets free spins and coins. By which he starts his game. With the help of spin and coin, you can buy pet, village, dew, food etc.

In this game with the help of spin and coins, the player tries to win big gifts. There is one advantage of Viking Quest in Koi Master. There are a few rules for you to win half the amount of spins in Viking Quest. For example:- If you have spins then you will be able to win spins only. If you want to win millions of coins.

So this game has 5 steps. In which you can be sure of your victory.

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Coin Master is a casual game by Moon Active for android and iOS devices. When you start playing this game, you need to know all about its basics and gameplay elements. You should get started with its tutorial mode, where you will get instructions to play the game better. After this, you can head over to the real game to test your skills.

In this game, your motive is to win coins for upgrading items. It will help to build up villages and complete some other challenges in the game. Along with collecting coins, players need to build up their villages. After upgrading an entire village, you can unlock the next one. Players can also spin to win a good number of coins in no time. While playing this game, you will get six attempts per hour, but you can also purchase the additional attempts in chests.

Coins and spins are the two major resources of the game which you need to take into consideration. You should learn how to earn these currencies to load your game account.

coin master viking quest tips

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Tech for Nerd. Coin Master has many cool events in which the game provides an opportunity for players to secure big wins and exciting rewards. The Viking Quest is one of them. Viking Quest is an excellent opportunity for players to win free spins and coins , XP, pet food, pet potions, and a rare golden card. Viking Quest is one of the most exciting events because it brings many cool rewards with many additional bonuses, like the coins you win in the event will be raid free for three minutes, just like a ghost mode , where you have the advantage of not getting looted by raids for a while.

So hang on with us to explore all Viking Quest tips and tricks we have collected for you. Viking Quest is an exciting event that showers a billion coins over players, along with many other exciting bonuses. But, to win billions of coins from the Viking Quest, you must have millions of coins stacked for yourself.

Once you have around billion coins, you are all set for the event. We have mentioned some tips and tricks for the Viking quest that will help to win more Coins and other exciting prizes from the event. If you follow these tips carefully, this will reduce your chances of losing a single penny in Viking Quest. The first that I want you to play calm at the beginning will let you win more before the storm comes.

Collect the coins from the bonus wheel in the first five levels because it is level 6 from where the real quest starts.

coin master viking quest tips

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If you are an online gamer, you must have played Coin Master Game. It is a free, single-player mobile game that is among the most preferred online video games in the world. Viking Quest is the most exciting event of the game. The game consists of players exploring the Viking Life. They plan their monastery raids, build ships, and choose the way anyway they prefer.

Of course, this makes it super- thrilling to play. What is more, you earn coins, chests, and even gold cards in the Viking Quest of Coin Master. So, are you ready for it? This method is basically for newbies. The game is quite straightforward up to level 5. In the first few levels, the coin needed to play is readily available to you. In the following levels, you can either collect the coin or play for an easy bonus wheel. The complexity starts with Level 6.

However, you also get your first gold card at this level.

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Tribal Quest Event. Harish Kotian. Coin master announced a new layout and name for Viking quest. The tribal quest is the new version of the Viking quest. From now on, Rewards Coin Master Free Spins and Coins will be huge to all Coin Master players. The tribal quest will only visible for village 50 or the above villages. Tribal quest initiating time is 18 hours.

And you can win ten big rewards. Complete the given mission to receive your rewards. Tribal Quest Event In Coin Master.

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Viking quest is an event in Coin Master in which you can win coins, pet potions, xp, chests and above all: gold cards. To do this you have to have stacked a pile of coins and you are betting it to finish 10 levels. What I do gonna tell you which tactics can help you finish Viking quest. Except for when you use these Coin Master Viking Quest cheats. Viking Quest starts easy. You have to play 5 times and the coins needed for that are given to you. After that there are a few levels in which you have to collect coins or play an easy Bonus wheel.

The first big barrier is level 6. In this level you have to win a serious amount of coins, only from the bonus wheel. How to get bonus wheel in Coin Master? There are 3 ways you can handle this. But before you start Viking Quest you need to be fully stacked; Coins and Spins.

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Most Of The Coin Master Users Love Viking Events, And Every Time Waiting For Viking Quest Event. Very Easy Tricks, If You Read My Full Post, Then You Can Get Easily Viking Quest Event On Your Coin Master Account. Note — Viking Quest Is Limited Time Event, Viking Evet Expire After 5 Hrs. Download Hola VPN. Note —. If You Doing This Trick From Your Smartphone, Then Just Download Puffin Browser. Download Puffin Browser.

If You Have Queries, Then Comment Below Post. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Privacy Policy Disclaimer Contact Us. About Us Sitemap. Sign in Join. Sign in. Log into your account.

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/03/04 · Coin Master Viking Quest Tips And Winning Tricks. By Brian Estey Last Updated: February 10, Here we are going to read about Coin Master Viking Quest tricks. The game Coin Master is everywhere, and so many people all around the globe love this game! Coin Master had dominated the mobile game world now, although it wasn’t popular in Coin Master Viking quest is an event in Coin Master game. You can win Coins, Pet Potions, XP, Chests and Gold Cards. You have stacked coins and you are betting it to complete 10 levels. Anticipate for when you use these Coin Master Viking Quest cheats. Coin Master Viking Quest bonus wheel method. Coin Master Viking Quest begin simply.

Like any other online game, it also has many events for players to win big rewards like pet foods, shields, and free spins. Coin Master Viking Quest introduces a variety of events; each brings something new to your palm and gives you a chance to join the fun. The player gets free spins , free coins, pet foods, pet potions, and a golden card.

It is an anticipated event by players because it comes with so many rewards. This event is also crucial because the coins gained from the win of this event are loot-free for three minutes, which means no one can attack your village and take those coins. In the three minutes between the spins, you get to enjoy loot-free gaming.

Viking Quest is easy to play the game in Coin Master. After winning five times in Coin Master, they will give you a Viking quest playing card. You can play the game by using that card and win a lot of gifts. Viking quest is like a game in the game that is played by spinning Viking slots with coins instead of Coin Master original spins. As Viking quest is a game of luck and skill, you can still use some tips and tricks to win in events and get free coins.

The maximum amount of coins in Viking Quest can reach up to billions, so you need to learn a few tips before playing.

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