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Trade Promotion Management services allow you to do the following: Create a new trade promotion in the SAP CRM back-end system from an external application. Update trade promotions in the SAP CRM back-end system from an external application. Send notification of new and updated SAP CRM trade promotions to external applicationsEntity Type: Process Component. CRM_TPM_1. Type of Business Function. Enterprise Business Function. Available As Of. SAP Enhancement Package 1 for SAP CRM Technical Usage. CRM Core. Application Component. Trade Promotion Management (CRM-MKT-MPL-TPM) Directly Dependent Business Function Requiring Activation in Addition. Not relevant. You use trade promotion management (TPM) to do the following: Perform planning and budgeting of your trade promotions from the top down at the headquarter level or . The trade promotion generates a rebate agreement with rebate condition records that are transferred to SAP ERP automatically when you save the trade promotion. SAP Customer Relationship Management (SAP CRM) rebates. The SAP CRM rebate functions the same way as the SAP ERP rebate. You use these rebates if you are using a SAP CRM standalone scenario without any SAP ERP integration. In this scenario, you do all the Customizing in SAP CRM.

Working as a product manager, thinking about competition and doing analysis of the same in your domain CRM for consumer products industry, especially Trade Promotion Management in my case you will discover not surprisingly that there are some other software vendors in your field — some small specialized ones, some big ones. What does this mean for software vendors?

The latter one is the topic I will focus on in this blog. Trade Promotion Management is not a simple business or scenario or process however you see it , but we compete against highly specialized home-grown apps and excel usability. We have been listening to our customers and users. To pick one example, looking at the latest version of our software the working context concept has been introduced to the trade promotion management scenario including Trade Promotion Management, Trade Funds Management and Trade Claims Management.

A generic definition: context is the set of facts or circumstances that surround a situation or event. Following this definition the working context is defined by a set of attributes that surround the work events of the user role. Basic principle of the working context is that it will be used to filter all searches, advanced searches and the marketing calendar with data defined for the working context attributes.

Also during creation of new objects and copying of existing objects, the working context attributes will be defaulted wherever applicable and useful. As a result the working context is designed to avoid multiple data entries, streamlines and speeds-up the creation processes and search processes a user is frequently executing in his day-to-day work.

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SAP Trade Promotion Optimization TPO. Recently I was involved in SAP TPO Proof of Concept PoC for a TOP FMCG company in US region. This project I believe may be one of its kinds for exploring SAP TPO capabilities and predict accurate volume and lift which involved Modern Trade POS data. We received last 3 years POS data with Account planning, promotion and sales data. Yet, there is little visibility into where this spending actually goes, or how effectively it increases revenues, expands market share, or creates brand awareness among consumers.

With millions of dollars being spent to stimulate demand a marginal improvement in the fund allocation and recalibration of promotion processes could have a disproportionate impact on sales uplift and promotion ROI. SAP TPO uses advanced analytical constructs like optimization, predictive analytics; What-if analysis can provide significant visibility into the effectiveness of this trade promotion spends.

The information attained can provide insights in terms of sales uplift contributions and can help in optimizing the same in the face of many real world constraints during the fund allocation process. What is Trade Promotion Optimization? TPO assists CPG manufacturer strategically to optimize the trade spending across their total product portfolio. Trade Promotion Optimization is an approach that uses business rules, constraints, and goals to mathematically create a trade calendar that can meet all of these requirements.

SAP TPO enables trade marketing and sales teams to leverage advanced predictive modeling to suggest optimal price and merchandising decisions based on goals and objectives, or to assess revenue, volume and profitability. The TPO science is dependent on DMF. SAP TPO enables users to understand the demand baseline Sell out baseline prediction.

sap crm trade promotion management

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Every single step is seamlessly integrated from a process point of view but also from a system integration point of view. SAP CRM is well known for its integration capabilities as SAP has the only Business Suite that is build by evolution. The integration with ERP master data, campaign determination, pricing procedure, condition records, rebate agreements, etc.

The evolution of SAP CRM is obvious just looking at the list of new integration topics to support the processes and practices labelled as Trade Promotion Management, including Trade Funds Management and Trade Claims Management:. The deduction results in a residual open item. If the open item cannot get resolved or if the channel retailer or distributor sends information that he is not going to pay the residual item a dispute case will be created and the trade related ones are cleared in CRM.

Dispute cases can combine multiple open items, but there are legal requirements that in some countries there need to be a relationship. To watch the video in full screen mode click here. With the integrated back-end processes, the TPM solution provides accurate accounting of all trade and financial results, visibility into demand planning, and allowing users to optimally manage all customer activities. With CRM the SAP Trade Promotion Management Solution is the most comprehensive, integrated TPM solution in the market place.

Thanks for your comments! That’s a good start and actually that’s what I really want to achieve with my blogs – discussions, chats, thoughts about and around TPM. To your point about the ’stop-loss‘ – there are actually two processes that support the control of fund usages. The OI cap can be set during promotion planning.

sap crm trade promotion management

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About me — Worked in the Sales and Marketing sector for 9 years and then as a consultant and solution architect in SAP CRM for close to 9 years. Have varied experience in the Sales, Marketing modules, the pricing scenarios. Most of last year had been working on an implementation project in TPM right from solutioning to configurations of the various TPM functionalities like Promotions , Spends, Funds. The below blog provides an insight into understanding the configuration and linkage of the Trade spends with Promotions and simplifies the concepts and guides the readers in the Spend set-up and logic.

Trade Promotion Management as we all know is a powerful, integrated and robust functionality to aid various business processes. The Marketing Planning and execution becomes simpler due to the various features like forecasting volumes, arriving at the required rebates that can be furnished to Retailers for the eventual goal of rocketing turn- overs. In this document, we will be dealing with the setting-up of basic units of TPM — The Spends in a Promotion.

The Spends are the actual building blocks in a promotion which are where the promotion value is fed and which integrated with the funds as well. These provide the linkage to a promotion. The below screen shots show the various settings maintained for the different spends —. In this case the condition types ZREB, ZVOL and ZOFF. This promotion type in integrated system is also created and downloaded from ECC.

The significance of this is how you would want to define your planning dimensions in the Promotion.

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In trade promotions many different processes are driven by trade spends. Conditions generation, funds management integration and purchase integration are driven by trade spends. Trade spends are linked to the trade promotion type. A certain trade promotion type, has different trade spends for selection. This depends on the customizing. When creating a new trade promotion – and not yet having a trade promotion type assigned, no trade spends can be selected.

Depending on the conditions generation type determinded from the trade promotion type and sales area data in the trade promotion different types of spend type, spend category, spend method are available. A past dated trade promotion with having the end date earlier than today’s date has so called retroactive trade spends assigned. There is a check if off-invoice trade spends exist in the trade promotion. When off-invoice trade spends with dates in the past already exist, there is the following design:.

This customizing contains the different spend type, spend category and spend method and discount method combinations. Retroactive Trade Spends are configured in the following customizing:. If enabled, this design is followed. The trade spends are linked to the conditions generation type.

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TPM or Trade Promotion Management represents promotion management for products that a manufacturer sells via the trade channel, also including a tight integration with the sales process. The end-to-end solution enables managers to accurately plan, maximize profitability and increase brand presence with trade activities. TPM is typically used by consumer products companies, although high tech or retail companies could also take advantage of this process solution.

A manufacturer i. Manufacturers will utilize trade promotions for many different reasons:. Moreover, there is usually also a consumer-facing aspect of the promotion; i. TPM is integrated with ERP sales orders and billing. Additionally, the ERP sales volumes and discounts are updated and visualized within CRM. SAP TPM is integrated with CRM Funds and Claims Management and is also integrated to APO for demand planning, FSCM for dispute management and Sales and Distribution SD in ERP.

Skip to Content. Alycia De Avila. Posted on June 19, 2 minute read. SAP Trade Promotion Management. Follow RSS feed Like.

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We provide IT Staff Augmentation Services! Sap Crm Trade Promotion Management Lead Consultant Resume. Hire Now. Capable of handling both; life cycle implementations and frontline support in post go-live environments. Experienced in delivering standard and custom solutions, with exposure to multiple country rollouts for Clients. CRM Sales, Service, Marketing Modules implementation knowledge and experience.

CRM Solution Manager Experience. CRM Trade Promotion Management Experience. CRM Mobile Sales and Service TECHNICAL SKILLS: SAP Skills: SAP CRM, SAP SCM SD. SAP Versions: SAP CRM – 4.

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SAP Library – Trade Promotion Management. Optimize trade management and customer business planning. Increase revenue, volume, and profitability with end-to-end processes for trade management. Enable consumer products sales leaders to oversee trade promotion planning and management, advanced trade management analytics, and customer business planning with SAP Trade Management.

Skip to Content. Blogs tagged trade promotion management. Reset Search. Write a Blog Post. Close Categories Business Trends. By Month August July June May April March February January December November October September Filter 11 results. Sort by: Created Likes. Mark Osborn posted on July 25, Is It Time to Rethink Trade Management? Trade promotions may be nearing an inflection point.

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