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Short answer: Use a program like EDMC while playing the game, and every time you visit a system or a station, EDDB is being updated with the latest data. Long answer: Not only EDDB but most of the Elite community websites are connected to a realtime data network called EDDN. The basic idea is that players use an EDDN client while playing the game and for instance if the player docks on a station, the latest station information is being transmitted to the EDDN . rows · Trade Data (USS Cargo) 2, 0 %: 0 %: Salvage: Unstable Data Core: 2, 0 %: 0 %: Salvage: Wreckage Components: 9, 0 %: 0 %: Slavery: Imperial Slaves: 1, 17, 18, . Elite Dangerous is a space simulator game by Frontier Developments based in the year You control your own spaceship in which you can participate in exploring a scale Milky Way, trade between star systems, participate in bounty-hunting wanted ships, and . Trade Data. The trade manifest data for a ship that met its end nearby. The information contained within can be extremely useful to unscrupulous individuals and fetches a good price on the black market. However, illegal salvage is punishable by law. Category.

Trading has always been a massive component of the Elite: Dangerous experience and with the capabilities of our event system at our disposal, as well as online multiplayer, we have the opportunity in Elite: Dangerous to make a trading system that is more dynamic and detailed than ever before. Markets exist in a range of locations, both mobile and static; something we plan to expand further overtime.

There are also a variety of different market types available to visit, each type helping to determine what goods may be available to buy: Space Stations: Trades legal commodities and essential ship supplies. Shipyards: Trades limited commodities relating to ships, ship modules, ship supplies and specialist enhancements. Factories: Specialist markets for particular commodities, relating to the factory and generally at a discount.

Black Markets: Private markets only accessible based on player reputation. Trades illegal commodities, requires contact to access, and can be a hidden part of a legal market. Pirate Bases: Ignores fines and bounties,trades,both legal and illegal commodities, and requires a contact to locate. Smuggler Bases:ignores fines but not bounties, trades, legal and illegal commodities, and requires contact for location.

BUYING :anything that station is producing Supply greater than NONE is good for buying. SELLING :anything that station is consuming Demand greater than NONE is good for selling. Biggest price will be when demand is high and there are 0 units available. The rules are, of course, simple and universal —buy goods cheaply, where they are made and there is plentiful supply, and then sell them where prices are high, in a location that has a high demand for your cargo.

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Elite dangerous data trader

Trader is one of the three archetypal pilot roles recognized by the Pilots Federation. In its simplest form, traders purchase commodities on the market economy in one location and follow supply and demand to sell them at another location for profit. Trading links to a dynamic background simulation of the economy based on player activity, which results in changes in prices and volumes of goods in different systems over time, and even the colonization of new systems.

Trader encompasses multiple sub-roles, including Courier , Miner , Passenger Carrier , Salvager , and Smuggler. Trader rank is gained by selling commodities either legitimately or via smuggling , or by successfully completing missions that involve hauling commodities space trucking. Missions can be more beneficial than normal trading because they reward faction reputation and trade rank in addition to credits.

Any profit from sales contributes to rank advancement. As of 3. The table below lists the estimated amount of profit required to advance to higher trade ranks. Exact numbers are not available in-game, and depending on which activities are used to advance, the amount of profit may differ from player to player.

elite dangerous data trader

Eso best guild traders

Elite: Dangerous is a vast and complex universe. There are over billion star systems and thousands of factions. This guide will walk you through Super Powers, Power Play, Factions and more! Super Powers Power Play Powers Factions Faction Government Types Faction States Faction Duration Table Influence VS Reputation How to Manipulate the BGS Actions That Effect the BGS Controlling Assets Recent Changes Sources Submit an Update to This BGS Guide.

Based out of the Sol system , a democracy. Based out of the Achenar system , a monarchy. Based out of the Alioth system , a group of independent systems working together. Belonging to a power has its advantages and each is different. Click on each power leaders name to see more info about their power and rewards.

Special Weapon: Pacifier Frag-Cannon frag cannon ; Lower damage, longer range, tighter spread. Special Weapon: Advanced Accelerator plasma accelerator ; A specialist plasma weapon.

elite dangerous data trader

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Trading is one of the most lucrative professions in Elite Dangerous , providing you know how to get started. Shuffling cargo, transporting illegal items via smuggling, and data transport missions are great ways to get started, and missions are offered at pretty much every station you come across. RELATED: Elite Dangerous: Best Passenger Ships. At the beginning of the game, having a ship with enough cargo space for high-value missions is your biggest challenge.

It’s a slow process of grinding your way through the Federation and Imperial ranks, earning credits to upgrade your ship, and getting a better understanding of the best trade routes and missions available to you. Here’s what you need to know about trading in Elite Dangerous. The economy of Elite Dangerous is based on player activity, constantly changing and evolving. Goods can go up and down in price overnight. A successful trader will study the economy and move cargo around accordingly.

The profession of „Trader“ actually encompasses many different ways to play Elite Dangerous; whether you want to be a Miner, selling your ore for profit, a Passenger Carrier, making money from delivering passengers from point A to point B, or taking the more illicit route of selling illegal items on the Black Market.

Lunchtime trader deutsch

Extends Elite’s cockpit instrumentation onto additional monitors. This app has so many features some of which include: Fleet Carrier support, A tiny tool for the game Elite: Dangerous allowing the user to search through their key bindings and have friendly labels for their HOTAS. A tool to make Razer Chroma devices and Chroma-connected devices react to Elite:Dangerous in-game events.

VMX Music system is a very advanced voice controlled music system for VoiceAttack. It allows you to grab music from services such as YouTube, Vimeo and many others , use your own music playlists, audio files or our Multifunctional trading and exploration tool, that integrates fully into the HUD of Elite Dangerous as an overlay. Please read the key feature list to get an overview. Extensive wiki included. Companion app to show in-game status and market info, an orrery view, a news ticker, or listen to online radio stations or play your favorite space playlists through Spotify.

Now also includes an orrery view and a Tools for commanders, Log book, buy progress for ships, groups to make shedules between member, some stats. Ingame Overlay with Overwolf work in

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Smart trader university

The Material Trader is a contact found at certain stations that offers to exchange one Material for a different quantity of another Material. There are three types of Material Trader, each dealing exclusively in one category of Materials: Raw Materials , Manufactured Materials , or Encoded Materials. This table lists the exchange rates used when converting between items of the same category. Example: trading Open Symmetric Keys Grade 3 Encryption Files for Adaptive Encryptors Capture Grade 5 Encryption Files , 36 units of input data are consumed to yield 1 unit of output data.

This table lists the exchange rates used when converting between items of a different category. Converting between different categories of material is more expensive. Example 1: trading Adaptive Encryptors Capture Grade 5 Encryption Files for Peculiar Shield Frequency Data Grade 5 Shield Data , 6 units of input data are consumed to yield 1 unit of output data.

Example 2: trading Open Symmetric Keys Grade 3 Encryption Files for Datamined Wake Exceptions Grade 5 Wake Data , units of input data are consumed to yield 1 unit of output data. Elite Dangerous Wiki Explore. Main Page Discuss All Pages Community Recent blog posts.

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What you mean is the ‚Trade Data‘ Containerns floating around in space sometimes. Which isn’t what OP means. And you can’t buy those. You can buy trade data of neighboring systems and see what they trade in the galaxy map. For trade routes can be filtered in the galaxy map, which is the only thing you can do with the trade data. Elite © David Braben & Ian Bell. Frontier © David Braben, Frontier: First Encounters © David Braben and Elite: Dangerous © , Frontier Developments plc. All rights reserved. ‚Elite‘, the Elite logo, the Elite: Dangerous logo, ‚Frontier‘ and the Frontier logo are registered trademarks of Frontier Developments plc.

Login Store Home Discovery Queue Wishlist Points Shop News Stats. Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. STORE Home Discovery Queue Wishlist Points Shop News Stats. Install Steam. Store Page. All Discussions Screenshots Artwork Broadcasts Videos News Guides Reviews. Elite Dangerous Store Page. I bought it and i dont see any info besides the dropdown menu in the commodities market but it only shows me if its exported or imported.

Showing 1 – 6 of 6 comments. Howard View Profile View Posts. It isn’t actually readable data, it’s considered a commodity. So there is no reason what so ever to buy it then right?

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