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Alternatively, the Eight of Pentacles reversed may indicate that you are focused on creating perfection, but to your detriment. When you focus on every tiny detail, you lose sight of the bigger picture and why you’re doing the task in the first place. Similarly, your need for perfection may be getting in the way of your ability to adapt and change. Eight of Coins: One Card Tarot Reading for the reversed card with the Golden Tarot Deck. This might be an indication that you are expending all of your energy in your work and are neglecting your relationships with others. Because of this, you may also be failing to . For health, the reversed Eight of Pentacles can represent one of two extremes. On the one hand, you may be putting your body under unnecessary stress by making it comply with harsh diets or an overambitious exercise regimen, while on the other, you may not be paying enough attention to your health, or abusing alcohol or drugs in order to cope with emotional or physical pain. Eight of Pentacles Reversed. The Eight of Pentacles reversed indicates that you are unfocused and perform sloppy work. You could be cutting corners that end up making more money for you in the short term, but end up with devastating consequences in the long term.

When you dedicate yourself to producing quality work, you will gain greater freedom all the way around. The Eight of this suit is the card of works. We see here the successful artisan spending time at his bench, hammering out the commissions he has attracted because of his skill. This artist is the best in her or his class, so popular that it’s become difficult keep up with demand.

She is paid whatever she asks and accepts only the most worthy assignments. If there is a problem in this card, it has to do with the trap of workaholism, the feeling of being so indispensable that you will not ask for help or delegate anything. There is also the issue of becoming so identified as the creator of elegant works, that the personal identity of the creator becomes consumed by the works themselves.

This artisan seldom gets to have a home life, time off, much time for friends. The solution lies in balancing creative energy with a personal life. The Eight of Coins reversed asks that you not mistake your work for your identity. It is a common error to overly identify with one’s livelihood. This card reversed indicates that you are in danger of losing your self to your work.

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You may be too attached to your work or to exercise. Production of more than can be used or stored efficiently and without waste. Over reliance on teamwork, networking or lack of professionalism – even clumsiness. A fanatic perfectionist, meticulous to a fault. Questions to Answer: What are you working on preparing ahead of time? What skill or craft are you learning? What details do you need to examine and take care of?

How can you create a regular time and place to work? What preparations do you need to make? What are you doing to take care of your health and well-being?

eight of coins reversed

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Yocean Yogi is a brand and may generate affiliate commissions on some pages of this site. More about this. The Eight of Pentacles reversed means that we need to master certain skills on the journey yet not bogged down in learning too much. This is a time to reduce the clutter. Skills have immense utility in the world! We posess the energy to learn such skills, but the problem is that most people try to do way too much.

They try building 3 businesses, learning 8 languages and visiting 7 countries all in 1 year. No, but very few humans can achieve such feats unless they have deep pockets. For the average person, is this super difficult and totally unnessary? In the book Mastery by Robert Green , we can learn that those who have become masters of their traits have invested in thousands of hours towards developing their skills and craft.

And this is all centered around one thing. We see on this tarot card a craftsman outside of his village. The skills we learn today can massively influence us in the future towards more abundance. You may believe initially that this only means financial abundance, but there is so much else that will come.

eight of coins reversed

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My new YouTube channel is : Thoth Tarot Videos. The minor arcana videos are yet to be remade. The Eight of Disks shows a tree in the centre of a garden against a yellow background and anchored in fertile land. The leaves are wrapped around the flowers which are the disks, in a very protective way. Achaiah: Patience, exploration to discover truth. Good use of time, waiting periods. Finds solutions. Ability to discern truth, reveal previously hidden knowledge.

Cahetel: Conception, giving birth. Great capacity for work. Progress, easy material success.

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The Eight of Pentacles shows an older man hard at work. He is dressed in a long brown robe and white sandals. He is engraving eight coins with pentacles. Each coin is the same, the work is repetitive, yet he is committed to ensuring each coin is perfect. He has locked himself away in a room so that he can focus on the work he is doing without any distractions. He is a master at his skill, but that does not stop him from learning and growing each day.

Upright: Commitment, dedication, manual ability, errand, perseverance, craftsmanship. Reversed: Unwise use of time, hypercritical, perfectionism, self-development, aimless. This card is usually positive when drawn and can mean you are on the right path and that your hard work and dedication will pay off. Stay focused and keep honing your craft. Just like the man, you have worked hard to get as far as you have. You have sacrificed a lot to get to where you are now.

Your work might seem repetitive but each time you complete a project or task, your skill improves greatly. This card can indicate you are ready to take your skill to the next level and become a master.

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When you invest, this card continues to indicate that you are very involved in a task and that you are really achieving achievements for it, without a doubt your dedication and will are achieving the results you were looking for …. But what if you have become obsessed with such improvement that it is putting some aspects of your life in danger? You have become attached to a way of doing things, that is your way, and if the rules change, it is very difficult for you to move from that comfort zone where you largely dominate your skills and have full capabilities.

Sometimes you have to innovate, make corrections , there are always unforeseen events, new positions and points of view, elements that we had not taken into account, and attached to your way of doing, perfectionism can become a very big obstacle that endangers your success and in this way, you end up being your worst enemy for the achievement you wanted to achieve.

The 8 of gold asks you to be looser, more open , not to be afraid of making a fool of yourself, to allow yourself trial and error, that you do not need to be in control all the time and that many times you only learn based on errors and tests. This becomes very important, for example when you must do or start a new and unknown task or activity, you must not allow the fear of making a mistake and being ridiculed by your inexperience or lack of knowledge on the subject take you out of the game.

In another aspect, this reverse card can indicate that although you give percent and your commitment is total, the results take time to appear or are not achieved, which fills you with frustration and disappointment, leading you to think about what you are doing wrong that you do not get results. This can be a job or a loving relationship, in which no matter how hard you try, nothing seems to improve.

At this point you must have the wisdom to know when to give up your effort, or perhaps ask yourself if you are not putting and wasting your actions in the wrong direction. You have been stubborn and focused on only part of the problem and not the whole.

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The Eight of Pentacles represents the focus and devotion required when mastering a new talent or skill. In the reversed position, it can be a call to readjust your priorities, especially as they relate to your professional life. In the Rider-Waite deck , the Eight of Pentacles depicts a young man in a black apron, engraving a pentacle shape into a golden coin with a hammer and chisel.

He is completely absorbed in his work, and seems to be quite skillful at it. The young man — who could be an apprentice or novice artisan — personifies the dedication and attention to detail that are required to become an expert in any field. There are rewards in store for all of your hard labor. The town in the background symbolizes the isolation that is sometimes required in order to fully focus on mastering a skill or trade.

The Eight of Pentacles is dedicated, devoted, and overly hard working. He is often in a junior position or new to an organization. This person may be a student or learner of some type, and often falls in love with the exhilarating initial stages of a project when there is a lot of researching and learning to be done. It takes a long time to build a relationship or even earn trust from an Eight of Pentacles.

When upright, the Eight of Pentacles points to a time when you will really need to concentrate your efforts in order to succeed. It can also represent a period of apprenticeship. If you are in a relationship, your obsession with your career and money may be hurting your union and driving you apart.

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This Reversed Eight, depending on surrounding cards could highlight the very real dilemma of being highly qualified but unable to find work. On the other hand, you may have a very good job but are taking it for granted. For some reason, your mind is not on your work at present. 02/08/ · Eight of Pentacles interpretation: The Eight of Pentacles shows an older man hard at work. He is dressed in a long brown robe and white sandals. He is engraving eight coins with pentacles. Each coin is the same, the work is repetitive, yet he is committed to ensuring each coin is perfect.

Eight is the number of mastery and accomplishment. So, it is no surprise that both of these words represent the Eight of Pentacles. One interesting thing about the Pentacles Suit is that as far as line up goes, the Seven of Pentacles card deals with reward and the number eight with hard work. In some sense, it would seem that these two should be flip-flopped. However, there was a hidden symbol found in the Seven of Pentacles that many do not pick up on—mountains in the distance.

The meaning? Completion of one accomplishment is just the beginning of another dream. The Eight of Pentacles supports this conclusion and sends another message—mediocrity kills and dedication, even after the reward has been given is not only beneficial, it is required. Before we dive deeper into the upright- and reversed meaning of the Eight of Pentacles, we wrote down the most important words represented by this Minor Arcana card.

To fully understand the Eight of Pentacles tarot card meaning, we will first take a look at the illustration, its colors, and symbolism. If the man depicted in the Eight of Pentacles had a wife, she was probably a very lonely woman. Both the good and bad side of ambition and perfectionism are presented in one image. It is one in which a young laborer is seen etching a pentacle into one of eight coins spread out in front of and behind him.

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