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26/07/ · US and China trade barbs after another high-level meeting but say they want to keep talking By Nicole Gaouette and Kylie Atwood, CNN Updated PM ET, Mon July 26, 13/04/ · (CNN Business) China’s economic recovery is continuing to gather steam. Imports surged more than 38% last month in US dollar terms compared to a year earlier, according to customs data released. 24/03/ · Hong Kong (CNN Business) China and the European Union rang in the new year by striking a major investment deal intended to strengthen their trade ties. A contentious spat over human rights could. 18/03/ · Hong Kong (CNN Business) Senior officials from the United States and China are meeting in person on Thursday for the first time since US President Joe Biden took office. But progress toward solving.

The views expressed are his own. There has never been a time when it mattered more for the European Union to be able to speak firmly, coherently, and constructively to China. Europe has, of course, never rivaled U. That is true even in trade, the one area where the EU has long packed an international punch.

Yet Beijing has taken to openly snubbing the Commission, which negotiates on behalf of the EU, sometimes even ignoring its requests for meetings. Some have hailed her intervention, unprecedented for an EU leader, as statesmanlike. The evidence suggests otherwise. German producers have led the anti-dumping demands. It is inconceivable that they could have pursued their campaign without close consultation with, and almost certainly approval by, Berlin, which also pays them hefty subsidies.

If Merkel has undergone a Damascene conversion on this issue, surely the place to make her case is Brussels, not Beijing. That is an open invitation to push divide-and-rule tactics further. While political expediency may have led Merkel to kowtow to Beijing, the reverse is true of the Commission which, since last year, has struck a get-tough stance towards China on trade. There is nothing wrong with that in principle.

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By Emily Lodish , Global Post. They only look like baby pandas. These little bundles of joy are actually chow chow dogs that have been dyed black-and-white to look like pandas. Dyeing pets has been a trend in pet pampering for quite some time. At last summer’s Pets Show Taipei , there was a fierce dog-dyeing competition. Check out photos. But dyeing your pets to look like other wild animals is a more recent development.

The trend demonstrates how quickly and dramatically attitudes toward pets — particularly dogs — have changed in many parts of Asia. Read: Can China censor its leading artists, Ai Weiwei? In Taiwan, for example, just 10 years ago, dogs were still eaten in public restaurants and raised on farms for that purpose. Traditional Chinese medicine held that so-called „fragrant meat“ from dogs could fortify one’s health.

With more money to spend, newly wealthy Chinese have embraced dog-owning culture with a vengeance. Dogs are brought into restaurants, fussed over in public, dressed up in ridiculous outfits and dyed to look like ferocious tigers. People take the dogs which were painted as baby giant pandas and tigers out during the launch of a new pet park at Dahe Mincui Park on June 5, in Zhengzhou, Henan Province of China.

cnn china trade

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Washington CNN – The United States plans to announce Tuesday that it is filing a trade case over China’s export restrictions on minerals that are crucial for the production of many high tech devices, a senior Obama administration official said. The European Union and Japan will join the United States in the case, which aims to pressure China to lift export limits on certain minerals known as rare earths, the official said Monday.

The United States will ask the World Trade Organization, the organization tasked with monitoring trade between nations, to serve as a facilitator in talks with China, according to the U. The United States accuses China of hoarding the valuable minerals for its own use. But China disputes that, saying the restrictions are motivated by environmental concerns.

China will have 10 days to respond to the case and must hold talks with the other parties within two months. Concern in the United States over the supply of rare earths resulted in a hearing on the matter in September by the House Foreign Affairs Subcommittee on Asia and the Pacific. Of particular concern was how vital the minerals are for top-of-the-line weapons, including missile guidance systems, drones and the new F Joint Strike Fighter.

Rare earths – including cerium, neodymium and dysprosium – also can be found in wind turbines, energy-efficient light bulbs and night vision goggles. American companies are trying to answer the demand. Molycorp Inc, one of the few producers of rare earth minerals outside China, has urged Congress to do more to confront the problem and encourage research and development.

cnn china trade

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President Xi says China will provide a total of 2 billion doses of COVID vaccines to the world this year, in the latest effort to honor its commitment to make vaccines a global public good. Does WHO-China joint probe stand up to scrutiny? Ten photos from across China: July 30 — Aug 5. Chinese vaccine developers target delta variant.

Authorities get clarity on digital money. Media registration launched for CIFTIS A hot passion for cold reality. Dawn of new era. Africans condemn politicized origin tracing. Fan culture risks excess behavior without regulation. Work-study program widens treatment of pediatric cancers.

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He is the founder and chair of the Advisory Council, Transparency International, and chairman of the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative. All over the continent, it has built roads, railways, ports, airports, and more, filling a critical gap that western donors have been shy to provide and unblocking major bottlenecks to growth. More from CNN: Is West losing out to China in Africa?

But some 90 percent of Sino-African trade is still based around natural resources — oil, ores, and minerals. First, oil and mining are not labor intensive industries. So while natural resources may create impressive headline growth figures, they do not necessarily translate into widespread job creation. Second, as we saw in the Netherlands in the s and Norway today, large oil and mineral reserves can distort the local currency, pushing up prices of other exports, such as agricultural products, and making them much harder to sell overseas.

Climate change and better access to overseas markets are two such issues. But at the Africa Progress Panel we see little evidence of China pushing hard for improved market access for African products in non-African markets. Indeed, South African and other manufacturers have frequently complained about the crushing competition from Chinese textiles. Nor do we see China pushing for any meaningful breakthroughs in climate negotiations that would favor African nations.

More heavily publicized, Chinese use of its veto in the U. So what else could Africa and China do so that Africa benefits more from its growing relationship with China?

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Steel and aluminum tariffs apply more broadly to imports from many countries. These tariffs are adding cost to supply chains, but no value. The Section tariffs apply to aluminum and steel as of June 1, The Section penalty tariffs on Chinese imports are in three tranches:. In the meantime, what action should supply chain professionals take now to mitigate the effect on supply chains? You should work with your Customs Broker to determine if your imports are on any of the lists.

If the Country of Origin COO is China, the penalty tariffs apply. Trans-shipment via another country will not change the Country of Origin or help you avoid paying the penalties. But this is illegal under U. Customs Regulations CFR 19 as the COO must be the place where the goods are manufactured or substantially transformed, not where they are trans-shipped.. Some of our clients have been stockpiling inventory in advance of the tariffs going into effect.

The result has been shortages of all kinds of parts worldwide for companies that are not stockpiling. In industries with rapid product development such as electronics, parts also become quickly obsolete, so buying too far in advance is a losing proposition. Perhaps you are considering the use of a Foreign Trade Zone to substantially transform component parts into a new product and a new HTS number.

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Join our subscribers list to get the latest news, updates and special offers directly in your inbox. Wang is a former professor and dean of the law school at Fudan University. Wang enrolled as a graduate student in the Department of International Politics at Fudan University in and later became a professor before he was promoted to the dean of the Department of International Politics in and Dean of Fudan University Law School in In , Wang reached the pinnacle of his career when he was promoted to the Politburo Standing Committee.

On May 31, Xi presided over the Politburo of the CCP for a collective study. The comrades of the Central Politburo listened carefully to his lecture and discussed it. Zhang holds quite a few glittering titles, such as a member of the Council of National High-End Think Tanks, Senior Researcher at Shanghai Chunqiu Institute of Development Strategy, etc.

On May 10, Zheng told Chinese language media, Observer, that wolf-warrior diplomacy is far from enough if China wanted to win the war on public opinion. But has also botched Sino-U. Shi Shan, a U. According to Shi, Wang was directly promoted by Jiang Zemin. Shawn Lin is a Chinese expatriate living in New Zealand.

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29/03/ · By Samuel Burke, CNN. In the last 20 years trade with China compared to years Africa trade with the West drawn very huge benefits contrast of progress with china and Africa and vese relationship between China and Africa should continues and if the west having interest to compete they are very welcome on board.. The gold. 29/10/ · Meanwhile, bilateral trade between Africa and China continues to grow at an extraordinary pace, reaching $ billion in from just $ 9 billion in More from CNN: Is West losing out to China in Africa? But some 90 percent of Sino-African trade is still based around natural resources – oil, ores, and minerals.

Check showtimes to see when Amanpour is on CNN where you are. Or watch online. The world’s second superpower is pouring billions of dollars into Africa, running oil and mining firms all over the continent. China is constructing everything from roads and bridges to stadiums and important government buildings. And while China is aggressively investing in Africa, the U.

China has passed the U. Xi Jinping became China’s new leader just two weeks ago and right now Xi is in Africa as one part of his first trip abroad as president. Africa is the world’s fastest growing market and has the world’s richest mineral reserves, so obviously there’s money to be made. But do the Chinese want more? This was also the essence of colonialism. Africa is now willingly opening itself up to a new form of imperialism.

They typically go places that the West doesn’t have as much.

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