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02/08/ · The Dividend Aristocrats are a select group of 65 S&P stocks with 25+ years of consecutive dividend increases. They are the ‘best of the best’ dividend growth stocks. The Dividend Aristocrats have a long history of outperforming the market. The requirements to be a Dividend Aristocrat are: Be in the S&P 66 rows · 07/05/ · The ProShares S&P Dividend Aristocrats ETF (NOBL) is the premier Author: John Divine. 20/05/ · Another dependable dividend aristocrat which is included in our list of the best aristocrat dividend stocks to buy is COVID vaccine maker Johnson & Johnson . 66 rows · 21/07/ · A Dividend Aristocrat is a company in the S&P index that has paid and increased its base dividend every year for at least 25 consecutive years. S&P Dow Jones Indices, which owns the S&P

Update: You can now download the free Dividend Aristocrats spreadsheet in. Quick jump to list — The most undervalued Dividend Aristocrats are at the top of the list. Income investors favor Dividend Aristocrats because the companies are solid long-term holdings with predictable, safe, and growing dividend payments. Dividend growth is a key metric for income investors to ensure income growth outpaces inflation. Stability and reliability are also important factors so that income streams remain consistent in a retirement portfolio.

The table that follows below is a quick ranking system to determine what are the best and most undervalued Dividend Aristocrat stocks to help investors start their investment research process. After the ranking table, be sure to look at my methodology. Keep in mind, this is in no way a complete way to evaluate a stock. Further research is necessary before buying one of these stocks.

However, use it as a starting point for further due diligence and research.

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Most dividend investors are searching for a reliable source of income from well-run companies. Some bigger, more established companies do a fantastic job of paying out dividends. Dividend Aristocrats are great stocks to hold in uncertain economic times, as these are companies that have made a concerted effort to pay out dividends no matter what the market conditions.

One company that falls into this category is United Bankshares NASDAQ:UBSI , a bank that has increased its dividend for 47 years straight, It’s a great income stock worthy of further consideration by dividend-focused investors. United Bankshares is a regional bank with branches located in mid-Atlantic states. As of , the bank was ranked as the No. Last November, management announced that the bank increased its dividend for the 47th year in a row.

It has done so through the early s recession, the bear market of the s, the Great Recession of , and the global pandemic in , United Bankshares‘ commitment to raising dividends is nothing short of impressive. As you can see from the chart below, while the dividend yield fluctuates wildly due to volatile stock prices, the bank manages to create a steady pattern of increasing dividend payouts annually.

UBSI data by YCharts.

aristocrat dividend stocks

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Finding great dividend stocks is hard work. Any company can pay a dividend. But is it prudent, sustainable, based on a sound and stable long-term business and liable to grow? And from an investor’s perspective, is it meaningful? These are the questions that matter to long-term income investors. There are 65 such companies in the world: Here’s the full dividend aristocrats list, as well as what the dividend-raising streak for each one looks like in Founded in in St.

Paul, Minnesota, 3M has a long and storied history of innovation, diversification and success. Today, the company makes such a variety of different industrial and consumer products, you’d be shocked to hear one company could do so many things. The inventor of the Post-it Note also makes all kinds of tape, original equipment manufacturer parts like powertrains and chassis materials, and a laundry list of other products for almost any end market you can think of.

Sector: Consumer industrials Consecutive annual dividend increases: 62 Dividend yield: 3. Smith Corp.

aristocrat dividend stocks

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I am a long term buy and hold investor who focuses on dividend growth stocks. Years of Annual Dividend Increases. Dividend Yield. AbbVie Inc. Health Care. Archer-Daniels-Midland Co. Consumer Staples. Automatic Data Processing. Information Technology. AFLAC Inc. Albemarle Corp. Smith A. Atmos Energy.

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Accessing these long-term dividend payers can be done through individual stock names, mutual funds and ETFs designed to track various dividend aristocrat indices. The securities listed in this page are organized into two tables. The stock table includes relevant common stocks, ADRs and preferred shares and the funds table includes relevant exchange-traded funds ETFs and institutional share class mutual funds.

All securities have an active dividend policy and are either exchange-listed or domiciled in the United States. Premium data includes stock ratings scored out of 5 for overall dividend quality, yield attractiveness, dividend reliability, earnings growth, valuation and price momentum in addition to payout estimates for future dividends. Premium data is blocked for public users. The tables are sorted in ascending order by years of consecutive dividend growth.

Accessing these long-term dividend payers can be done through individual stock names, mutual funds Dividend Aristocrat Stocks Results. Receive the latest news, trending tickers, top stocks increasing dividend this week and more. Dividend Investing Ideas Center. Have you ever wished for the safety of bonds, but the return potential

aristocrat dividend stocks

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PX to LIN. If not trading at nice discounts, they are at least fairly valued. Here’s why adding high-yield dividend stocks to your portfolio can be so valuable, plus the best dividend paying stocks to buy now. In this article, we will take a look at the 10 best aristocrat dividend stocks to buy. Although the total number of dividend aristocrats remained stagnant at 65 between and , there are actually three new members of the index over the last year or … Note: On January 22nd, , International Business Machines IBM , NextEra Energy NEE , and West Pharmaceutical Services WST were added to the Dividend Aristocrats Index.

Carrier Global CARR , Otis Worldwide OTIS , and Raytheon Technologies RTX were all removed, leaving the total count at Below are the 87 securities listed in the index as per the rules outlined above. One of the best ways to increase the value of a stock portfolio while protecting it from adverse market movements is to add Canadian dividend stocks.

Particularly Canadian Dividend Aristocrats, that will provide income in any market environment.. How to Buy Dividend Aristocrat Stocks. Investors can buy high-quality dividend growth stocks such as the Dividend Aristocrats individually, or through exchange-traded funds. These are some of ’s best monthly dividend stocks and funds … Summary.

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But dividend yields themselves don’t mean much if they aren’t sustainable. But the requirements go even further, with the following attributes also mandatory for membership on the dividend aristocrats list:. The rebalancing of the index happens every January, April, July and October. New entrants are added and old ones removed once a year. It’s important to keep in mind the goal of the index when looking it over: It’s constructed to be a well-diversified, lower-volatility group of stocks boasting both dividend income and capital appreciation potential.

On the issue of diversification, the index has a minimum floor on membership at 40 different companies — a level in no danger of being breached anytime soon given the current group consists of 65 stocks. To that end, while investors could certainly try to adopt their own “ smart beta “ strategies to eliminate the less alluring members of the group, it’s a much lower-effort endeavor to simply buy the entire group as a whole, which is possible due to the existence of a dividend aristocrats exchange-traded fund that tracks the portfolio.

The list is current through May Smith AOS. Abbott Laboratories ABT. AbbVie ABBV.

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07/05/ · The ProShares S&P Dividend Aristocrats ETF (NOBL) is the premier exchange-traded fund in the space, with more than $8 billion in assets under management and a reasonable expense ratio of. „The Dividend Aristocrats are defined as firms that have increased their dividend payouts for 25 consecutive years or more. Accessing these long-term dividend payers can be done through individual stock names, mutual funds and ETFs designed to track vari.

Their impressive track records of growth make Dividend Aristocrats some of the most attractive dividend stocks to own. As of June 29, , there are 65 Dividend Aristocrats. Here’s the full list, sorted by how many consecutive years each has increased its dividend:. All data as of June 29, There’s also a Dividend Kings list. To be a Dividend King, a company has to have boosted its dividend every year for an incredible 50 years in a row.

Of the current Dividend Aristocrats, ExxonMobil seems at risk of falling off the list. However, the company’s stock has remained part of the Dividend Aristocrats list. At this point, it’s unlikely that the company will have to cut its dividend, and a payout increase could be coming. Removing it from the Dividend Aristocrats list would leave the energy sector severely underrepresented. In May , the company also said it will change its dividend strategy when the spinout of WarnerMedia is complete, which will result in a lower payout.

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