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Amsterdam Trade Bank (ATB) is a European Merchant Bank that helps our customers find financing solutions for trade and trade-associated assets across the commodity value chain. We provide a wide spectrum of products to commodity traders, producers, transport companies and financial institutions. Die Amsterdam Trade Bank ist eine junge, schnell expandierende niederländische Bank. Die ATB bietet Sparern seit Beginn einen guten und stabilen Zinssatz an. Amsterdam Trade Bank is een jonge, snel groeiende Nederlandse bank. Wij bieden spaarders al jaren een van de hoogste internet deposito rentes in Nederland. Amsterdam Trade Bank N.V. (ATB) is a fully licensed specialized financial institution focused on the entire spectrum of international commodity finance (grain, metals and energy) as well as shipping and asset based financing.

Copenhagen, June 18, , The Poseidon Principles are consistent with the policies and ambitions of the Initial GHG Strategy adopted in April by member states of the International Maritime Organization IMO , a specialized agency of the United Nations responsible for regulating shipping. In this way, they also serve as an important tool to manage critical investment risks.

The Principles are intended to evolve over time as the IMO adjusts its policies and regulations and when further adverse environmental and social impacts are identified for inclusion. They also aim to support other initiatives developed to address climate, environment, and social risks, such as the Principles for Responsible Banking, Energy Transitions Commission, and the Task Force of Climate-Related Financial Disclosures.

The Poseidon Principles are applicable to lenders, relevant lessors, and financial guarantors including export credit agencies. They are implemented in internal policies, procedures and standards and applied in all credit products secured by vessels that fall under the purview of the IMO. The Poseidon Principles are a groundbreaking achievement that will help ensure shipping remains a foundational component of our global economy.

Additional banks are expected to join in the near future, including Asian banks. The Principles were developed in an effort spearheaded by global shipping banks — Citi , Societe Generale , and DNB — and leading industry players — A.

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Be aware for fake emails Phishing and keep your internet banking secure. Read more about these subjects by clicking the below link. Amsterdam Trade Bank is a specialised institution focussed on international trade and asset financing. We are pleased to announce the appointment of Roland van Limburg-Stirum as Senior Banker with effect from 1 June The general meeting of shareholders adopted the annual report of Amsterdam Trade Bank NV for the year ended 31 December Amsterdam Trade Bank N.

View our Privacy and Cookies Statement here. Retail Commercial Banking Log into ATB Connect. Amsterdam Trade Bank seeks to serve clients who are active in all aspects of international trade, whether they are commodity traders, ship owners or otherwise involved in the global logistics chain. Read more. Amsterdam Trade Bank offers its practical knowledge and experience to meet financial needs and ambitions of our corporate clients.

amsterdam trade bank de

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ATB bietet Ihnen zwei Sparprodukte an. Wählen Sie das Basisprodukt und erweitern Sie nach Belieben. Die Erfolgsgeschichte der ATB: Hervorragender Service und stabile Zinsen garantieren Sicherheit bei Bankgeschäften. Die Amsterdam Trade Bank ist eine junge, schnell expandierende niederländische Bank. Die ATB bietet Sparern seit Beginn einen guten und stabilen Zinssatz an. Die Zinssätze der Amsterdam Trade Bank orientieren sich auch an den allgemeinen Sparmarktentwicklungen.

Sie können also damit rechnen, dass Sie bei der ATB jederzeit einen angemessen Zinssatz erhalten. Amsterdam Trade Bank N. Unsere Datenschutz- und Cookies-Richtlinien finden Sie hier. Privatkunden Geschäftskunden Anmelden ATB Connect. ATB Internet Tagesgeldkonto DE ATB Internet Festgeldkonto DE ATB Zinsen: Gesamtübersicht ATB bietet Ihnen zwei Sparprodukte an.

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amsterdam trade bank de

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The Amsterdam Stock Exchange offers ambitious companies from the Netherlands and abroad access to the global capital markets and connects the various market participants. The Amsterdam market is equally attractive to domestic small and mid sized companies. We offer professional traders a hi-tech environment through our proprietary trading platform Optiq, and private and institutional investors the assurance of a transparent and regulated trading environment.

Simone Huis in ‚t Veld CEO, Euronext Amsterdam and Member of the Managing Board of Euronext N. A stock market listing allows your company to finance operations, while raising its profile and enhancing its image and credibility. Is your company suitable for a listing? Visit the Raise Capital section on this website and learn all about a quotation on the Amsterdam market.

Interested in listing? Please contact us and we are happy to make an appointment to discuss the possibilities. More on listing go public brochure go public application form TECHSHARE.

Lunchtime trader deutsch

Heeft u een deel van uw spaargeld tijdelijk niet nodig? U kunt rekenen op een vast hoog rentepercentage, dat elke maand wordt uitbetaald. En u regelt alles eenvoudigweg via de beveiligde website. Uw geld op deposito zetten is sparen, maar dan voor een vaste periode en daarom tegen een hogere rente. Bij ATB ontvangt u zelfs al een hoge rente als u uw geld voor een korte periode vastzet.

Bij de renteberekening op de Rekening en het Deposito wordt uitgegaan van het juiste aantal dagen van de betreffende maand en wordt elk jaar op dagen gesteld in geval van een schrikkeljaar wordt het jaar op dagen gesteld. Voor de renteberekening tellen de dag van inleg wel en de dag van afboeking niet mee. De rente van het deposito wordt verder per dag opgebouwd en zal maandelijks worden uitgekeerd op uw ATB Internet Spaarrekening.

Zo ontvangt u dus ook weer rente op de rente die wij u betalen. Aangezien het aantal dagen in een maand wisselt, en de rente te allen tijde op werkdagen wordt bijgeschreven, kan ook het bedrag van de uit te keren rente per maand verschillen.

amsterdam trade bank de

Amazon review trader germany

Rabobank or Cooperative Centrale Raiffeisen — Boerenleenbank BA is a Dutch multinational banking and financial services company, part of the Rabobank Group , one of the largest financial services providers in the Netherlands. ING bank is a banking arm of the Internationale Nederlanden Groep , a multinational banking and financial services corporation based in the Netherlands. DHB bank or Demir-Halk Bank , is a Dutch commercial bank headquartered in Rotterdam.

ABN AMRO is a Dutch banking group, founded by merging the Dutch branches of the former Fortis and ABN AMRO. Van Lanschot is a financial company based in the Netherlands, providing private banking, asset management and merchant banking services. ASN Bank is the largest bank in the Netherlands in the field of sustainable investing and saving, distinguished by a focus on responsible and sustainable banking and therefore supports projects that focus on corporate social responsibility.

Triodos Bank is a financial institution based in the Netherlands, a pioneer in ethical banking it finances companies which it thinks add cultural value and benefit both people and the environment. BinckBank is an independent Dutch online discount broker, largest in the country with a top 5 position in Europe and market leader in the Netherlands and Belgium.

SNS Bank is a Dutch retail bank offering financial products to both companies and individuals. With approximately 2, employees, the bank is among the top 5 banks in the Netherlands.

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Amsterdam Trade Bank N. ATB is committed to its responsibility to act in compliance with international sanctions. We have developed internal policies and procedures, together with our correspondent banks, to ensure that ATB accounts are operated in full compliance with said regulations and sound banking practices. The EU and US sanctions are drafted in wide and sometimes imprecise terms with little associated guidance.

This means that there is often uncertainty as to how the EU and US authorities interpret the restrictions set out in the relevant sanctions legislation. Enforcement priorities are also based on a multitude of factors, including but not limited to foreign policy, the prevailing geopolitical situation and resources of the enforcing agency. Furthermore said regulation may change from time to time.

ATB closely monitors the regulatory developments in the EU and the US. In addition to the legally imposed sanctions we furthermore have to comply with the, sometimes even more challenging, requirements from our correspondent banks to execute your international payments. It is not allowed to participate, knowingly or intentionally, directly or indirectly, in activities the object or effect of which is to circumvent the above. Indirectly means that there is a factor that creates a nexus not directly caused by or resulting from an event, incident, or occurrence.

An example: One of our correspondent bank has no appetite for payments related to transactions involving a vessel docked in Iran less than days before the anticipated payment.

Auszahlung dividende volksbank

Amsterdam Trade Bank (ATB) is a commercial bank registered in The Netherlands. The bank focuses on providing trade financing for companies wishing to do business in former Soviet states. ATB is supervised by De Nederlandsche Bank and owned by the corporate treasury of Alfa Group. Amsterdam Trade Bank | Hohe Zinsen für das Tagesgeldkonto und Festgeldkonten. Homepage. ATB Internet Tagesgeldkonto (DE) Transparenz für Ihr Geld. Variabler Zinssatz direkt zinsbringend. Ihr Geld ist jederzeit verfügbar. Immer eine aktuelle Übersicht. Kostenlose Kontoführung. 0,03%.

The Amsterdam Trade Bank ATB team of experts can help you with financing across the commodity value chain. We specialise in midstream assets in the energy, metals and soft commodities sectors. Below are some examples of the types of assets we have helped finance:. Our understanding of what it takes to manufacture, sell and service commodity-related equipment means we are able to provide finance to equipment manufacturers and their customers, the end users of the equipment.

We ask the right questions, provide advice, challenge you where needed and ultimately provide you with financing that helps you move your business forward. Whether funding the build or supporting the sale or purchase of an asset, ATB can provide you with the financing you need grow your business. We offer bilateral loans, funding the full amount, or we can tap into our network of financial institution partners to provide you with even greater access to financing.

Financial leasing is also an option. The lease will be under UK or Dutch law, depending on the type of asset and its location and deployment. Significant investments come with risks that need to be mitigated. We offer you a range of bond and guarantee types to support the export of assets or assist in securing projects. Complementary to our financing services, our treasury services help reduce risks associated with foreign exchange movements and interest rates to shelter you from adverse market changes.

We also offer deposit types for a number of currencies and different tenors. Amsterdam Trade Bank N.

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