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Some platforms offer users the ability to observe and comment on the strategies of traders, others allow automatic copying, also referred to as “Copying of Trading”. is the only social trading platform that allows the performance of trading ideas to be followed through specially issued financial products (wikifolio index certificates). is Europe’s leading social trading platform, an Internet platform that allows experienced investors to implement and publish their trading ideas in wikifolios, and which offers investors the chance to benefit from the expertise of the wikifolio traders. Behind is the financial technology company wikifolio Financial. Auf unserer Social Trading Plattform nutzen Tausende Trader die Möglichkeit, ihre Börse-Erfahrung unter Beweis zu stellen, indem sie ein oder mehrere virtuelle Musterdepots erstellen – die wikifolios. wikifolios are individually created trading ideas in the form of virtual portfolios. Any registered user may publish their trading idea in a wikifolio and thus make it visible on the platform, or even use their wikifolio to create the basis for a financial product (wikifolio index certificate).

Vielleicht fehlt dir die Zeit oder die nötige Erfahrung, um das eigene Portfolio zu verwalten? Oder du möchtest dein ausgeprägtes Wissen rund um die Geldanlage mit anderen teilen? Dann ist Social Trading womöglich die Lösung für dich. Jeder, der Investmentstrategien umsetzen will, kann Trader werden. Sie veröffentlichen ihre Handelsideen online, für jeden jederzeit einsehbar.

Potenziell interessierte Anleger können den Tradern ihrer Wahl folgen. Im Allgemeinen wurde dieser neue Trend am Kapitalmarkt entwickelt um Investitionen transparenter und nachvollziehbarer zu machen. Hier finden Sie mehr zum Thema: Von der Handelsidee zum Finanzprodukt — Wie und warum? Auf unserer Social Trading Plattform nutzen Tausende Trader die Möglichkeit, ihre Börse-Erfahrung unter Beweis zu stellen, indem sie ein oder mehrere virtuelle Musterdepots erstellen — die wikifolios.

Jedes wikifolio kann die Basis für ein börsengehandeltes Indexzertifikat sein, das sich Follower einfach ins eigene Depot legen können.

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Social Trading is a new form of investment on the Internet. The possibilities provided by social trading platforms to investors are diverse and vary from provider to provider. In general, social trading should help make investment activities more transparent and comprehensible. The trading of traders is immediately published and can usually be commented on, including by them.

The three best-known social trading providers in German-speaking countries are wikifolio. While investors at ayondo and eToro must open their accounts in order to copy the strategies of traders, investors at wikifolio. Details about the business models, such as how providers earn money and what incentives they offer traders and investors, can be found in the following table:. The top trader receives a share of the commissions that ayondo receives from the broker ayondo markets.

How it works Discover wikifolios Search wikifolios FAQs Tutorials for investors Tutorials for traders. Login Register. See all wikifolios.

social trading platform wikifolio

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The social trading platform wikifolio recently closed a 6 million Euro funding round led by Speedinvest, a European early stage venture fund. Through wikifolio, investors can easily invest in the trading strategies of the best traders and order wikifolios via an online brokerage account of their choice. Every trade including execution price and fees can be viewed in real-time on wikifolio. Thousands of different trading strategies have already been built within the varied investment universe of more than 2.

Andreas Kern, founder and CEO of wikifolio. We are going to deploy the new capital to accelerate the process and further expand our excellent team and push into new markets. It has quickly reached break-even and has a unique selling proposition, thanks to its wikifolio-certificates that are traded at the Stuttgart Stock Exchange. Sign in. Forgot your password? Get help.

Password recovery. Home Funding wikifolio. Funding Germany-Startups.

social trading platform wikifolio

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The enormous rise of financial technology companies has greatly challenged traditional financial institutions. We based our framework on the Unified Theory of Acceptance and Use of Technology and theory regarding social media and financial decision-making. Our results illustrate that performance-related aspects are the dominant determinants of behavioral intention for experienced users, whereas system-related and personal barriers affect behavioral intentions of the inexperienced group.

Consequently, differences regarding performance expectancy, effort expectancy, security and risk aversion were identified. This is a preview of subscription content, access via your institution. Rent this article via DeepDyve. Ajzen I The theory of planned behavior. Organ Behav Hum Decis Process — Article Google Scholar.

Ajzen I, Fishbein M The influence of attitudes on behavior. Erlbaum, New York, pp —

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I am the Head of Business Intelligence and Data Science at the social trading platform wikifolio. Before joining wikifolio, I graduated from the Vienna Graduate School of Finance where my research focused on the economics of technological innovations in the financial sector. One of my papers shows how blockchain-based settlement introduces limits to arbitrage in cross-market trading.

In another paper, I analyze how consumers react to the introduction of overdraft facilities through a mobile banking app. In my solo-authored paper, I investigate the potential of crowdfunding mechanisms to elicit demand information and improve the screening of viable projects under different valuation structures. In my spare time, I replicate asset pricing approaches or build visualizations for arbitrary economic stories which all eventually end up on this page.

Reward-based crowdfunding allows entrepreneurs to sell claims on future products to finance investments and, at the same time, to generate demand information that benefits screening for viable projects. I characterize the profit-maximizing crowdfunding mechanism when the entrepreneur knows neither the number of consumers who positively value the product, nor their reservation prices.

The entrepreneur can finance all viable projects by committing to prices that decrease in the number of pledgers, which grants consumers with high reservation prices information rents. However, if these information rents are large, then the entrepreneur prefers fixed high prices that lead to underinvestment. Distributed ledger technologies replace trusted clearing counterparties and security depositories with time-consuming consensus protocols to record the transfer of ownership.

This settlement latency exposes cross-market arbitrageurs to price risk.

social trading platform wikifolio

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Nevertheless, the Austrian fintech industry has enjoyed increasing recognition over the past few years with numerous domestic fintech startups successfully expanding their business internationally and raising considerable rounds of venture capital. Cashpresso , a product of Credi2 from Vienna, provides unsecured personal loans of up to EUR 1, The loan application is completely online with the know-your-customer KYC process done through a video call.

The company claims to takes only 10 minutes from application to disbursement. The loan, if repaid in first 30 days, is interest-free. Wikifolio is a social trading platform that allows experienced investors to implement and publish their trading ideas and strategies in so-called wikifolios. Wikifolios are virtual portfolios and the trading in wikifolios takes place virtually.

Once they meet certain criteria, published wikifolios can become investable and thus form the basis for a wikifolio index certificate. Currently only wikifolios in German can become investable, thus form the basis for a wikifolio certificate. Founded in , Bsurance is an insurtech startup specialized in B2B2C business models. The startup develops and implements tailor-made insurance products directly into the sales channels of companies with a large customer base.

Key partners of Bsurance include UNIQA, Munich Re and AXA Partners.

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Wikifolio is a so-called social trading platform Internet address: www. A wikifolio is initially a virtual sample portfolio in which stocks, investment funds, ETFs and certificates can be bought and sold. A participant keeps a sample depository a wikifolio and publishes it. If this model portfolio is profitable, other investors will become aware of it and its investment strategy.

The investment strategy is described in detail. Investors can emulate the investment strategy themselves or can buy and sell the wikifolio index certificate directly from many online brokers and banks. A wikifolio is similar to an ETF. The special thing about a wikifolio is that everyone can create a wikifolio: private investors, professional traders, fund managers, companies, etc. A virtual model portfolio can be turned into a so-called index certificate on a wikifolio index, which can be traded with many brokers and banks and thus functions similarly to an investment fund or ETF.

The creator of the wikifolio has to find 10 supporters who find his model portfolio interesting and who are willing to invest at least 2, euros together. To do this, the creator of the wikifolio must explain the planned investment strategy in detail.

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Wikifolio – simply explained for beginners. Wikifolio is a so-called social trading platform (Internet address: A wikifolio is initially a virtual sample portfolio in which stocks, investment funds, ETFs and certificates can be bought and sold. is Europe’s leading social trading platform, an Internet platform that allows experienced investors to implement and publish their trading ideas in wikifolios. The platform can be used free of charge and I have created a public portfolio (a wikifolio) there called „Picks & Shovels Plays“. By follow-ing this wikifolio you will be.

I had a chance to talk to Andreas Kern , CEO, and to learn many details about the company, its inception, and how the idea of a social trading platform differentiates from other offerings in the wealth-management market. Andreas has been in the FinTech area since the very start of his career. He was CTO of a company that provided e-commerce and mobile payment applications.

But when Andreas moved to WealthTech, he had no experience in wealth management:. I could apply really fresh thinking to our business model. To explain how the idea of a social trading platform appeared, Andreas used the customer advisors of banks as an example:. As a result, the customers are moved towards very expensive products. Andreas was thinking about how financial products should be created and distributed. Thus, the wikifolio.

Once a wikifolio receives 10 votes, the company creates a fully fledged exchange-traded product ETP , which perfectly replicates the performance of the published wikifolio. Then, platform customers can buy any wikifolio exchance-traded products ETPs and get the same performance as the chosen trader. Currently, the platform has 1. Andreas points out that investors do not necessarily need to be registered on the platform, although registered users do receive some benefits, such as:.

The total trade flow through the platform is approximately 20 billion euros.

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